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How do I become an affiliate?

How to Achieve the Build you Want Using the Right Touch

Since everyone seems to have a different face, how can one Facial Exercise program fit all?

Why are the CFFitness facial exercises so effective?

Why is the correct pH in skin care products important to consider?

As you exercise the face, how does it improve over time?

Can face exercises help remove “set” wrinkles in the face and neck?

Why Must I Contract the Muscle First when Performing the “Rubbing the Wrinkles Out” technique?

Can I over-build the face?

How can massaging the face and the neck be an advantage?

Does it matter what time of day I do the exercises?

How can touching the face when doing facial exercises remove wrinkles?

How are wrinkles formed & how does Botox® work?

How can you guarantee the basic workout is only 15 minutes long?

How does a muscle get toned properly?

How does the CFF face exercise system get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes?

How does the Push/Pull exercise get rid of lines between the brows?

How does the skin change when you lose weight & how does this affect the skin on the face & neck?

How does the wrinkle release method work & how often should I engage this technique to get results?

How is Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™ different from other skin care lines?

How is CFF face exercise program different from other programs?

How is sliding on the skin superior to gripping and holding?

How long do I need to do the exercises before I see results?

How long do the CFFormulas™ – Nourishing Skin Care products last?

How often should I perform the exercises – and what about moisturizer?

How to get rid of the nasal/labial fold lines (laugh lines) with facial exercises?

How was Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Designed?

Is Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ system preventative as well as corrective?

Shipping Information: How does it work?

What do I need to be aware of when executing the Three Step Wrinkle Release Technique?

What if I stop facial exercises?

Which of the CFFormulas™ skin care products can be used around the eyes?

Why are there exercises for the nostrils and ears?

Why can’t I get my muscles to respond when first starting facial exercises?

Why do I have to eventually lie down to perform the exercises?

Why is resting the face with the CFFitness program important?

Can I only work on my problem areas and still get results?

Why do men seem to age better than women when it comes to skin?

Why is it best to do all 28 facial exercises?

Why is muscle resistance training so important?

Will performing the exercises twice a day bring faster results?

Why do we have to contract the muscles before we slide across the skin? And what about the forehead?

How do the eyes firm-up, giving the appearance of youth?

What does it mean to hit a plateau or use different routines with facial exercises?

How do collagen and elastin fibers work together giving a more youthful look?

Customizing Your CFF Facial Exercise Routine

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