How do collagen and elastin fibers work together giving a more youthful look?

While I do cover this subject in quite some detail found in the links below, I thought you’d like a quick synopsis of the how and why the CFFitness™ and facial exercises in general give such great natural-looking results.

CFF™ is more than building and toning the muscles

When you exercise the face with CFFitness™, you are building and toning the muscles and more. As you exercise, you create a more nourishing environment within your connective tissue – rejuvenating and enlivening it, as you also accomplish with any exercise program, even when working out with the body. This working out creates the “atmosphere” for collagen to build. When collagen builds, it creates the atmosphere for more elastin fibers to grow.

Elastin fibers allow us to keep our new elegant shape

Now, we are always growing-in elastin fibers. Elastin fibers are the stretchy stuff in our skin, so to speak, giving it firmness and bounce. We grow an abundance of elastin fibers when we’re young and less and less as we age. CFFitness™ facial exercises create the climate for all of this to take place – actually building muscle fiber, toning muscles, building collagen and elastin fibers.

Elastin fibers are special in that they take on the shape of whatever is around them. So, as you build and shape an elegant face with the CFFitness™ program with the 28 DVD foundational exercises and you perform the Face Firmer as a massage technique, over time as the elastin fibers grow in … they “hold up” and take on this new shape to your face and neck. This is why I look a little younger, smoother and more elegantly shaped in my face and neck today than I did even 5 years ago when I made my DVD. The process continues as you exercise and age. Therefore, you not only age gracefully (keeping true to the natural contours of your own personal face), but you also continue to look a little more fit and younger as you age. Here are some links for a more detailed explanation:

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Facial exercises and CFFitness™ in particular will not only give you an elegant and defining build to your face and neck, you also can rejuvenate the connective tissue and create a climate for collagen and elastin fibers to grow. This in turn gives the face and neck a younger, fuller and smoother complexion that follows your own natural facial contouring. You regain that youthful look you thought you’d never see again and you keep it as you age!