As you exercise the face, how does it improve over time?

Facial Exercises Can Help Regain that Look of Youth

How does facial exercise benefit the shape of the face over time?

  • First off, exercise and likely other factors (like the amount of vitamin A in the tissue?) can enhance the production of elastic fibers.
  • Secondly exercise does improve muscle tone and therefore firms the face. That means it holds the tissues in a position that you might prefer so when the body does produce new “elastic fibers” and these elastic fibers take on the shape around them, a more youthful look can be achieved. In other words, your face can look firmer and more youthful as you age if you exercise the face properly.
  • Thirdly, facial exercise keeps the face well oxygenated, and that turns out to lessen oxidation injury (yes, it doesn’t seem to make sense at first glance, but that’s the way the chemistry works. – the explanation is complex. Read about free-radical damage and anti-oxidants here …
  • And of course, collagen production is accelerated with facial exercises.

Therefore, muscle does not create elastic fibers, but since newly formed elastic fibers that form around muscle fiber take the shape of what’s around them, if you tone the muscles of the face you will create a framework for the newly made elastic fibers that gives your face and neck a firmer and smoother shape.  Read more about that here …

The shape of the face becomes firmer as the muscle fiber builds and elastic fibers take the shape of the newly toned muscles

The structure of the face is a bit different from the rest of the body. The muscle, elastic fiber and connective tissue, including the subcutaneous layer of fat are rather intertwined in the face. Here are several points to our advantage when we exercise the face and this is why:

  • Facial exercises improve muscle tone
  • Exercising the muscles does not create elastic fibers but using them does improve circulation and bring more nutrients to the surrounding tissue. This creates a climate for elastic fibers to thrive and grow
  • While elastic fibers once stretched, can break and do not repair, the body still is making new elastic fibers all the time
  • The body does continue to make the proteins that form elastic fibers
  • Newly formed elastic fibers support the shape we are in … at the time they form which means, if your face and neck are toned and in good shape, the newly made elastic fibers will take that preferably firmer, smoother and younger looking form as they grow
  • Therefore, you age well with facial exercises … always looking a little bit younger and firmer as time goes on. 

With Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ facial exercise system you will have “youth jumps”. That is every three months or so you look a little bit younger than you did before. These “youth jumps” go on for the first few years of using the program. Yes! Years. And then these jumps seem to get further apart, but they do continue. One of the reasons for this is obvious now. The constant exercising of the muscles and surrounding connective tissue of the face and neck are being supported by newly formed elastic fibers along with the newly toned and tighter-looking muscles.Your face litereally get firmer, tighter and fitter looking over time.