What does it mean to hit a plateau or use different routines with facial exercises?

I know that some of the facial exercise programs have a variety of “daily” routines with different levels from beginners to advanced. The creators of these programs claim all kinds of reasons for these many different levels and they all sound somewhat plausible. However, I’ve found a very interesting phenomenon with facial exercises that does not make any of these levels and “different” routines necessary.

Hitting a Plateau with Facial Exercises

One such claim to offering a variety of routines is that we hit a plateau with facial exercises so we have to either “train harder” or change out our routine to something new to continue to build. Actually, I agree that we do hit a plateau with facial exercises; however, I think this is a good thing. Once you achieve the perfect build, you want to keep it. Therefore, we do not have to change from the perfect workout as is offered with the CFFitness™ system and this is why.

The Body is Efficient

First of all, hitting a plateau happens when the muscles build to a particular size when using a particular workout routine. The body is very efficient. It will build muscle only to the place that the workout you’re using demands and it will build no further. So, with facial exercises and the CFFitness™ program, you build your muscles to a particular size. This is desirable. The CFFitness™ program is designed to give you a beautiful, elegant shape – one that gives you back that youthful shape you thought you’d never see again. Changing to a different routine or training harder may give you either an undesirable build or you can over-build the muscles to the point that your face looks bulky and misshapen.

Bonus Exercises are Key

Secondly, the CFFitness™ system has a 28 exercise foundational program that is often all one ever needs to achieve this perfect, balanced look. Instead of changing out the routine that gives you this gorgeous, elegant build, all you need do is add what we call “bonus” exercises to address any of those stubborn trouble spots that need more attention. For example, if you first perform the foundational exercises and find after a few months that your face is starting to take on the elegant and powerful shape you want, but your jowls are not lifting “enough”, you just add a couple of bonus exercises designed to lift the jowls to these basic 28 exercises and in no time, you will see your jowls lifting along with the rest of your face, proportionately. CFFitness™ offers a variety of bonus exercises to address any and all stubborn areas of the face, neck, hands or even the chest! You can find more bonus exercises on the CFF YouTube Channel, as well! 

As well, you actually want to plateau with the face. You do not want to muscle-up the face so it looks distorted. With the foundational exercises in CFFitness™, you not only take your face to a perfect shape, you keep this shape over the years just using the SAME program. And, a wonderful side-effect happens as well. You exercise less often as the years go by. While the body’s efficiency mechanism helps you to maintain what you have achieved, another phenomenon happens as well. You also continue to improve over time. I used to exercise four or five times a week. Now, I only exercise twice a week and not only do I keep this elegant build, I continue to look a little bit firmer and smoother as time marches on. Keep on reading, I talk more about how and why this happens, below.

Therefore, you don’t want to over-build the muscles. You want to keep the shape you’ve acquired. When you “plateau” and have to change the routine and or train harder as some programs suggest because the build you have from that program is not adequate, you will build more muscle mass, but what kind of build will you get? I’ve seen bulky and awkward faces occur from this treatment.

Different Levels

Within 3 or 4 months, with the CFFitness™ system, one usually sees an obvious and dramatic result from only performing these foundational 28 exercises. At this point, one does not need another routine to continue to get results, but now the muscles are trained in such a way that for the next couple of years every few months you will have a “youth jump”. That is you continue to build and sculpt an elegant, powerful build on the face.

Furthermore, you are now able to execute the exercises with more skill as time goes by – you do not want to change to another “advanced” routine. You want to keep this perfect build. Just adding the bonus exercises like, “Rubbing Out the Wrinkles” will give you the “advanced” look you want, if needed.

How Does this All Work?

How is it that we continue to look a bit younger with using the same program over time? There is the fact that you build elastin fibers along with muscle mass when exercising the face. Elastin fibers are the stretchy material that is part of the connective tissue and they are always growing in anew.

Elastin fibers are very interesting for as they grow-in they take on the shape of whatever is around them. Connective tissue, including elastin fibers gets added anytime the body changes its shape. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say these tissue components are remodeled constantly or “sculpted” in the sense that they are laid down anew as the face changes. This is true either in a deformed, slumping and deteriorating way or to maintain the increased tone that facial exercise promotes. That’s probably part of the reason why it takes less exercise after a certain period of working-out to maintain what’s been accomplished with the facial exercises.

In other words, as you shape your face with CFFitness™ and the new elastin fibers grow in, firming up and revitalizing the connective tissue, you continue to look a little firmer and smoother as you age. You continue to “keep” the shape that the program gives you as you build and the new elastin fibers continue to firm you up. You do not have to change routines … you don’t want to do that. You want this elegant, perfectly well-thought out build from the 28 foundational exercises. And as the new elastin fibers are always growing in you are assured a firmer, smoother face over time. 


Even though you do plateau with facial exercises, this is a good thing. You want to plateau to what we call an “adequate accommodation” of the muscle build. That is, you want to build your face to the place where the muscles are the perfect shape and size for the face. You keep this build by using the proper program and add bonus exercises to address any “stubborn areas” and this is turn gives you the complete results you want. Training harder and changing to different routines runs the risk of over-building the face and creating a bulky and misshapen look.

Therefore, when you have a balanced, well thought-out program like CFFitness™, you do NOT want to change routines around, train harder or change to different levels. CFFitness™ has been designed with the consultation of a medical doctor and a professor of anatomy and physiology to give you this perfect shape that will eventually give you the most symmetrical face possible while smoothing out the lines and lifting everything up.

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Written in consultation with:

Richard H Tew, M.D., Harvard graduate, General Practitioner, Integrated Medicine

Salvatore Zambito, The BioMechanic, Director of Physiology, Founder of the Yoga Sûtra’s Institute, author of The Unadorned Thread of Yoga – The Yoga-Sûtra of Patañjali; The Yoga Sutras Sanskrit-English Dictionary; Patanjali In Eternity and more.

Stephen D. Speidel , N.D., P.C.