Since everyone seems to have a different face, how can one Facial Exercise program fit all?

Build a Perfect Foundation, First

One standardized facial exercise program cannot fit all facial types.  This is why Carolyn’s Facial Fitness® facial exercises have “bonus exercises” for sale and "free facial exercise routines" in our whole system to be sure you get the results you want. With that said, however, we’ve found that you’ll get the best results – that is an elegant, powerful and balanced build on the face and neck if you first do what we’ve designed to be “foundational exercises“.  That is you lay the foundation of the perfect build on which you can further improve, if necessary, with proven additional help using these special bonuses. This initial build demonstrated on our DVD or downloads are the 28 basic foundational exercises that are found in the CFFitness® program.

Bonus Exercises and Routines

Since the CFFitness® program was designed with the help of medical doctors and a professor of anatomy and physiology, we were able to present a perfect system that gives a very safe and elegant shape to the face and neck. When first testing this foundational routine all those many years ago, something wonderful happened.  We found that most people ONLY needed this foundational build to get the results they wanted. However, since we’re all individual we also noted that some of us had stubborn, trouble spots. So, we developed routines and bonus exercises that address these issues as well.  We were consequently very successful with having our clients get the look they wanted.

For example, my particular “weak” spot has been the jowls.  Having gained and lost around 50 pounds within a few years, my jowls were hanging.  Certainly the 28 basic exercises along with the Face Firmer gave me this elegant and lifted face and neck, but I needed more work on the jowls. Therefore, I always add a few bonus exercises onto my 28 basic and Face Firmer workout that are specifically formulated to lift the jowls successfully.  As well, since I was 52 years old when I started facial exercises, I had very deep wrinkles. So, the Wrinkle Release technique was born that effectively diminishes all lines on the face and neck.

And, just to note, the physiology of the face and neck are very much the same for both men and women so the CFFitness® program will give each one of us incredible results.  Both will receive an elegant, good-looking, fit-face and neck with the basic program.


Therefore, it is correct to say that not “one-size fits all”, however, you must first make a good foundational build on the face before addressing those other more obstinate, trouble spots.  Often, the foundational exercises along with the Face Firmer in the Carolyn’s Facial Fitness® program are designed so well and are simply “good enough” to give many of us all we need.  However, for those of us with areas of the face that need more work, there are oodles of bonus exercises and routines to address all those issues from deep and shallow wrinkles to hanging jowls to the perfect neck and more.