Why is resting the face with the CFFitness program important?

To get the Most Elegant Build

In order to get the most perfect and elegant build, you must let the face rest a bit. The muscles of the face, which are organically built … meaning we actually build muscle fiber through resistance training and consequently get larger muscles, giving us a firmer, fuller look, needs this rest period to give the most elegant build possible. We need this volume in our faces to look youthful and well … more rounded.

Elastin Fibers are Key

We are always building elastin fibers as we age. When we’re younger, we build them in abundance. As we age, they build slower and therefore there are less of them, but we do continue to build elastin fibers. Elastin Fibers are the stretchy tissue that helps to keep the connective tissue in our faces (and bodies) be flexible and together. They are environmentally “challenged” … meaning they can break from sun damage, smoking cigarettes, pollution, etc..

Now elastin fibers are very interesting. When they grow in they take on the shape of whatever is around them. So, as we build our muscle fiber with the CFFitness™ system our muscles enlarge and our faces firm-up with the newly toned and therefore denser muscles. As the new elastin fibers grow in, taking on the newly formed shape, they give lift to the face and help to keep it lifted. These elastin fibers take on the shape of the newly toned muscle. This is one reason we see “youth jumps” every 3 or 4 months the first few years of using the CFFitness™ program. The tricky part is, these elastin fibers need the face to be rested to grow in properly and give the face this elegant build that the CFFitness™ program is known to give. This is why we are careful to not over-work the face and make sure it gets enough rest.

Building slowly and consistently gives the best-looking build:

Body vs. facial muscles

The muscles only build when microscopic tears occur and heal. This is how you build muscle. The muscles in the face are finer than in the rest of the body, so they probably recover faster than the body. Fiber tears do not happen uniformly and this is okay in the body where the muscles are large and not a very big consequence can happen. However, in the face one must go slowly and gently or they can over-do and get a “lumpy” appearance.

Go fast by going slow

One needs to start off lightly and work very comprehensively to build the muscles of the face and tone it properly. Working out gently and daily is probably okay for the first couple of months, going from five to three times to twice a week later on. A gradual build of the baseline tone for the face is key. With facial exercises, you “go fast by going slow”. Meaning, that gradual building of the facial muscles is the key to good muscle tone and an elegant, firm and good-looking build of the face and neck.

If you don’t rest the face, it can get a bit distressed looking. This is why I suggest the schedule below:

How often you should exercise

After much research, we’ve found that performing the basic 28 exercises (15 minute workout) once a day, three to five times a week for the first three months will give a perfect foundation for adding any bonus exercises (if needed) later on. Giving the face two days off to rest, once a week is also apparently important for a couple of reasons. First of all, you will be less tempted to stop doing the exercises because the demand to workout is too much. As well, it appears the face and the neck do better when they have a little weekly rest from the exercises. The build on the face and neck seem to be more elegant, firm and balanced when the tissue has time to recover with this time off. You can take those 2 days off if you’re exercising 5 times a week either in a row or spaced out throughout the week. Your choice.

Remember to perform all 28 exercises and not pick and choose or you run the risk of spot-building the face. It’s the combination of exercises that gives the powerful, elegant and even build to the face with the CFF™ program.

Note: After the four month mark, adjust your program as follows:

  • Under the age of 32, exercise only 2 or 3 times a week
  • Between the ages of 32 and 42, exercise 3 times a week
  • Over the age of 42, exercise 3 to 5 times a week

You also need to perform the Face Firmer once with every workout.

The Face Firmer helps to round out the exercises and makes sure that as your cheeks build, the hollows in the cheeks firm-up and fill-out to give you the more youthful, firmer and even look for which the CFF™ program is known. You can perform the Face Firmer twice a day on those days you miss your regular workout and you can also perform the Face Firmer on the days you’re letting the face “rest”, but only twice a day on resting days. It’s also fine not to perform the Face Firmer except with the workout.

This way you will always have at least 2 days off a week of rest. Sometimes “less is more” and we need to let the face rest and give the tissue time to recover and build properly.