How long do the CFFormulas™ – Nourishing Skin Care products last?

I was so tired of ordering these natural and organic skin care products that cost me an arm and a leg and didn’t give me the results I wanted and were gone in no time – that I decided to do something about it. After getting the formulations together, I worked out this schedule for radiant skin that allows you to use the least amount of product (money saved) in the least amount of time spent. And, you will have beautiful, radiant, dewy-looking skin at the end of the first 30 days and then it gets better from there on out. Just keep this schedule twice a year and adjust the product the other 10 months. This means, you will use more product the first 30 days and less the rest of the time.

Most Products last about 3 months before you have to order again

  • For example, I do use the Hydrating Crème Masque every day. I admit. This means the product lasts me over 2 months. When I go to only 5 times a week, it lasts me 3 months.
  • I only use the Botanical Masque once a week after the 30 day routine of twice a week, so this product lasts me over 3 months.
  • The Crystal Serum C has greatly reduced my brown/age/sun spots to almost nothing, so I continue to use it twice a day. I saw results from this serum within 3 days. Even the tops of my spotted hands are no longer “spotted”. This serum once it’s activated with the crystal C is only good for up to 60 days. The serum itself is good for up to 18 months… just once you add the crystal C its viability is only 60 days. This is why it’s so effective. It’s completely fresh. It’s one of my favorite products. So, the Crystal C lasts about a month, using it twice a day and 60 days using it once a day.
  • Then there’s the Moisturizer Plus. My skin is so healthy now, I don’t need  to use the moisturizer as often as I used to, so this product lasts me up to 3 months, as does most everything else. It’s the only moisturizer I’ve ever used that not only feels good on my face, but it reduces those fine lines to almost nothing.
  • The CBD cream (coming soon) also lasts about 3 months … and I use it with the Gua Sha routine 3 to 4 times a week.
  • The Total Therapy Serum which is amazing for refining the texture of your skin easily lasts over 2 months. It actually regenerates skin cells and firms the skin amazingly well. I always use it on top of my Crystal Serum C and my skin looks so young!
  • The RSR2 lasts also about 2 months. I like to use it first in the layering of products. It feels as if it truly heals the sun damage on the face, neck and tops of the hands.
  • Since I only wash my face once a day in the evening, the Balancing Facial Cleanser also lasts me up to 3 months. Because it has a perfectly balanced pH for the skin, I don’t need to spend time and money using a toner.
  • The Cleansing Scrub has been so effective in exfoliating my skin using it only once a week that it lasts a good 3 months, too. I know my skin tone coloring has improved since I’ve been using this product.
  • Note:  Do check out the Product Tips webpage (coming soon) for innovative ways to use the CFFormulas products!!!

What is the best temperature to store the CFFormulas™ products?

While the shelf-life of each product is around 18 months upon opening, we’ve found it’s best to store all the CFFormulas™ products in a cool dark place with stable and consistent temperatures. The perfect storage temperature is 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 degrees Celsius) which is the perfect temperature for cosmetics. Whenever cosmetics are stored at a higher temperature, the preservative system can be significantly deteriorated. One week stored at temperatures higher than 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) will equal three months of most products shelf-life.

I’ve tried my best to keep the prices waaaaaaaaay down, including flat rate shipping, for example, no matter how much you buy. The 5 and 7 piece Therapy Packs and the 3-for-one priced individual products are discounted up to 15%. The 2-packs are discounted 10%. Just go to the Skin Care information/shopping page and check out each product in detail, if you wish.