What do I need to be aware of when executing the Four Step Wrinkle Release Technique?

Step #1 and Step #2 and Step #3

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When you’re rubbing out a wrinkle it’s very important to be sure that the area in which you rub is as stationary as possible WHILE you rub. However you can get to that place is fine … even if it appears you’re making the wrinkle more pronounced at first. You want to release the stuck down skin using step #1 and then rub it out with step #2. The wrinkle will only show deeper for awhile. As the muscle tones, it will push out that line and as you release the stuck-downess (I know this is an invented word but it gets the message across, best, I think) you may have a flatter-looking wrinkle that is more shallow than before. As you make the area you’re rubbing as “still” as you can make it … any way you can contract that area is fine … you will therefore make the line narrower over time and therefore less visible in the end.

Also, to note … you can create an irritation when rubbing so some people like to moisturize before rubbing on a line or wrinkle. We’ve also found applying the Rejuvenating Skin Repair Serum after a session will greatly reduce any irritation the rubbing may have caused. It’s a very healing, soothing serum for the skin.

Step #4 for the Forehead, Only

Check out the Dancing Cs

When performing the Wrinkle Release technique and the Dancing Cs on the forehead, you cannot easily contract the forehead muscles and execute these techniques. According to Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D., the muscles on the forehead are like a “sheet of muscles”. Since the skin and muscles are very close to the skeleton on the forehead as opposed to the rest of the face, there is not a great concern for having to contract the muscle first before attempting these techniques. You will have great success at reducing wrinkles and smoothing out the forehead without having to contract the muscles first. Therefore, you don’t have to contract the muscles on the forehead when performing these two exercise techniques.