Why are there exercises for the nostrils and ears?

Cartilage Continues to Grow as We Age

Do you know that cartilage continues to grow as we age? Well, it does. Take a look at older people, especially men with their short hair. You can easily see their ears, for example. You’ll notice that some of their noses are getting a bit lumpy or their ears are actually losing their shape. You can not only prevent this from happening as you age – you can actually correct and/or prevent this condition if it’s happening to you with specifically designed exercises in the CFF™ program.

Firming the Nostrils

There are two “bonus exercises” in the Workbook that address this issue of growing cartilage. The first one is called “Firming the Nostrils”. It not only allows you to massage your nostrils back into shape, it also addresses the sides of the nose so that over time, performing this exercise you will notice that your nose is becoming smoother, firmer and more fit looking. Yes! More “fit” looking. Any little bumpiness and “large pore” look that may have developed over the years will be corrected with this exercise. CFF also has a "free" bonus exercise video for cartilage smoothing addressing these issues! 

Earlobe Firmer

There is also the “Earlobe Firmer” exercise offered in the Workbook and in the video clip. It will smooth out the cartilage around the outside rim of the ears so that they will have the smoother, more defined look they had when they were younger.

As well, if you have developed a long line at the pierced hole on the earlobe from wearing pierced earrings over the years, with this exercise, the earlobe will firm up and that long, hanging-looking line will disappear. You will once again have the fatter, fuller, rounder earlobes of your youth. I was able to get rid of that telltale pierced earring-line and present a rounder, fuller look when wearing earrings after performing this exercise for several months. This little detail gives the impression that I must be much younger than my years. Small details like these help in giving that younger, fitter impression of a younger person. And, of course, these cartilage correcting exercises are “preventive”, as well as corrective.