Why are the CFFitness facial exercises so effective?

I receive emails from people telling me that they’ve tried many other facial exercise programs but they didn’t start to get the results they wanted in such a short period of time until they tried using the CFFitness system. Why is this happening?

I had lots to correct when I started

There are several reasons why the CFF facial exercise program is so effective. The first one has to do with me. Yes! I was already 52 years old when I started with facial exercises and had recently just lost around 50 pounds. My neck was wrinkled and ringed, my jowls made me look like a tired old bull dog and the wrinkles on my face and forehead were especially very, very deep. In other words, I had a lot to correct. That was why I tried so many programs to find out what was the most efficient (I knew I would not devote more than 15 minutes a workout on my face) and effective facial exercises for addressing all my issues. I was past prevention and totally into correction. I had to find facial exercises that worked.

Technique and thoroughness are key

Another reason CFF is so effective is we contract the muscles first and slide across the skin, a technique used by Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D. It was the answer to getting a good-looking build. He has a little book called “Face Culture” he published in the 1970s. He says because the muscles go through the skin so that we can show facial expression, if you contract them first and slide across the skin you not only build muscle fiber but as you tone the muscles, you bring the skin up with it. It’s muscle resistance training for the face at its best.

Customizing your workout: Once the foundational build is established, you can add bonus exercises to help correct even further, if you wish. There’s even a technique for literally rubbing out the wrinkles. This approach to facial exercises prevents the possibility of spot building and therefore getting a bulky or strange-looking build to the face. Since cartilage continues to grow as we age, there are even bonus exercises to keep your nose and earlobes looking young and firm. Details count. The CFFitness facial exercise program even has exercises for the hands and chest, as well as the neck and face.

Bone and skin re-modeling

Since we now know that exercise is one of the best things you can do to build and restore loss muscle fiber in the face and rejuvenate connective tissue, it appears that this pressure one exerts using this technique in the CFFitness system must also be building and restoring bone mass as well. This would make sense. As you slide across the skin, you exert pressure along the skeletal bones of the face especially around the jaw line, the orbital eye sockets and the mouth as well as the cheeks. This pressure challenges the bones of the face so that they are not only rejuvenated but healthier as well. If you’re still fairly young and bone loss is not an issue for you yet, the facial exercises will work as a “prevention” from you ever having to worry that bone loss will be a problem for you! The CFF techniques will help keep healthy bones strong!

Since it takes about 28 days for a complete skin cell turnover, every month you perform the CFFitness facial exercises, you will see your skin and facial structure looking healthier, younger and firmer as time goes by. Those rejuvenated, replicated cells surfacing every four weeks will give you this renewed look to your skin as well and it just gets better and better over time! Furthermore, as the connective tissue is rejuvenated with all the massage happening between the exercises and the Face Firmer, the skin’s texture naturally improves. Large pores appear to look smaller, deep wrinkles and fine lines are either greatly diminished or completely erased and the over-all skin tone and condition evens out and takes on a healthy, wholesome and beautiful look.

Five years ago I was in the office of a local Dermatologist. He took one of those photos showing sun damage to the face. Now, I have been very athletic in my life, spending a great deal of time outside under the sun and I had a great deal of sun damage to my skin showing up as dryness and wrinkles, not to mention sun/age spots as I grew older. However, I noticed that all of this was falling away as I used the CFFitness facial exercises. I was right. At this point of the photo, I’d been using my facial exercise program for almost ten years. The doctor showed me the results. He said I had very little sun damage and my skin looked like that of a 25 year old. I was 60 years old at the time. This was “before” I developed the CFFormulas skin care line. I can only attribute this remarkable rejuvenation to my facial exercises. Of course CFFormulas has now even diminished my age spots so I’m feeling really great!

Trial and error

I have to admit, in the beginning I tried everything to tighten the skin and lift up my face. When I started my quest there was no Botox, fillers or laser machines for me to get “attracted” to. There was surgery and that was not an option for me. I hadn’t seen anybody looking good years after their surgery and this unfortunately included my mother. She did not even look like herself 15 years after her initial face lift. Everyone I saw years later looked distorted in some way. So, I visited every bookstore I could find, used to new (this was before the advent of the Internet) and tried out many, many different systems. I also tried the electric masks and machines but those were way too weak for giving me meaningful results. However, I did see that certain facial exercises started to give me a really nice build to my face and I was on the way.

Enlisted help

I come from a family of physicians and artists. They are all very vocal. As I was building my new face, they were all giving me advice. We discovered that the correct combination of exercises will give the most elegant, graceful, yet powerful build and without much effort. After I’d built up my cheeks and lifted my jowls I started to notice that I was getting hollows under those newly formed cheek bones. Then the Face Firmer massage technique was born. We finally hit the perfect balance. The 28 basic foundational exercises take 14 minutes to perform following the Pacing CD, personal trainer and they give the perfect contouring to the face and neck. The Face Firmer massage takes about 1 minute to perform and it keeps everything balanced and even. The workout is over and done within 15 minutes. Since the physiology is the same for both men and women, this program will give the perfect build no matter what your age or sex. Having such competent help in formulating the program gave me confidence that everything I was doing was safe, as well as effective.


You can read on this website all of the scientific reasoning for how and why facial exercises work so well so I’m not going to go into that here. Needless to say, since I had so much to correct when I first started, I had to design a program that would truly lift, smooth and shape a face and neck that were looking saggy, old and wrinkled. Because I had physicians, artists and a professor of anatomy and physiology to guide me (and criticize me) as I was getting a program together, I not only was able to feel confident that I would not damage my face in any way, but that I could effectively put together a system that was powerful enough to correct someone looking as old and baggy as me.

In other words, with the CFFit facial exercise program you can correct even really saggy jowls, hanging nasal/labial fold lines (laugh lines), deep wrinkles to almost nothing and look over all younger, fitter and more youthful than you ever thought possible. AND! You will see that you age so well with the CFFit program. I look a little bit younger, smoother and more lifted today at age 65 than I did five years ago when I made the learning DVD for the program. This is so much fun!