Treatment Plan for Diminishing Age/Sun Spots

When I was researching formulas for the Carolyn’s Facial Formulas® skincare line, I wanted to be sure we could offer a good solution for diminishing age spots and evening out skin-tone-coloration. I had tried so many different products from chemicals that left the brown spot with a white ring around it to “natural remedies” like using lemon juice that did the same thing.  Those brown spots were a bit lighter, but the white discoloration around them was really weird looking for sure. The treatment plan below is my solution to diminishing age spots and evening out skin-tone discolorations.

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Note: This treatment not only addresses the skin-tone issues, but it also further reduces fine lines around the upper lip, crow’s feet around the eyes and overall refines and improves the texture of the skin. Check out the video clip!

Exfoliation a Must

Since I personally had these sun/age spots and I also had a slight uneven pigmentation especially along the sides of my face, I wanted to address this issue for myself as well.  As I delved into my research, several views kept coming to the forefront. One was that you must exfoliate first, before applying any serum to the hyper-pigmentation.  This made sense.  You want to make the skin is as “ready” as possible to accept the serum by removing any old dead cells. As I tested all these formulations that were on the market with my research team, we all unanimously agreed that using synthetic chemically enhanced products was not the way to go. Our skin started to object to our using these artificially enriched products by breaking out in rashes or “feeling” we just didn’t want to put such “toxic” stuff on our skin for more than a few weeks.  After all, some of what we put on our faces and hands was going into our bloodstream as well.

Vitamin C lightens Sun spots

I come from a family of physicians and artists.  They have been instrumental in helping me formulate not only the facial fitness side of the company, but the skincare side as well. They helped me formulate a simple regime, using our products, that has been very successful in diminishing those dreaded brown spots and evening-out skin-tone discoloration on the face and hands. One of these fellows is an emergency room doctor. He would apply a paste of medical-grade, powdered L- ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) mixed with water on anyone with an inflamed insect bite and this mix would take down the inflammation very fast.  He noted that when he applied this mixture to a spot, say on the hand, where there was hyperpigmentation, the brown spot was consequently lightened.  AHA! We now took this “technology” into our skincare line and Crystal Serum C was born.  You add “dry-packed L-Ascorbic Acid” to the serum for the freshest possible treatment that will give, therefore the best result.  It was quite a challenge finding a serum that was compatible with the Vitamin C powder – one that would not oxidize too soon and also be beneficial for the skin. And we were very  successful.

I was watching a TV program called “The Doctors” the other day and Dr. Orden M.D., a cosmetic surgeon and skin specialist was asked what he thought was the number one most important ingredient to be put into a skincare formulation and he said L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in this stable form penetrates the skin cells and rejuvenates them and is “a must” in any skincare regime. L-Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C that can be utilized directly by the skin.  When applied topically, directly onto the skin, it can offer concentrations 200 times, or more, within skin tissues than when you internally take Vitamin C. In fact, in more than one-thousand clinical studies, L-Ascorbic Acid has shown both short and long-term benefits to the skin! L-Ascorbic Acid is the choice to use as other forms of Vitamin C are far less functional in getting into the skin and creating these benefits.

The right Combination for Success

The next step was to find the right combination of products applied to the face and hands that would give the best results. That is, lighten sun/age spots so that they were greatly diminished without creating a funny white ring around this spot on the face or hands; and because hyper-pigmentation can also be in patches, we wanted to even-out the skin-tone coloring on the face so that one would be left with a smooth, even texture that was all the same color.  In other words, to have the skin-evenness that you see on persons in their twenties.

Treatment Strategy

Here is what we suggest to rid/diminish yourself of sun/age spots, even-out skin tone coloration and improve the texture of your skin:

After cleansing the skin:

Step #1: Exfoliate with Cleansing Scrub 3 times a week. Dry your face with a towel. Be sure to perform the “Circle-up Rub” and “Dancing Cs” when exfoliating for maximum benefit. These two exercises come with the purchase of any CFFormulas skincare products.

Step #2: Directly after exfoliation apply Crystal Serum C as follows:

  • Add the powdered “C” freshly to the serum each time you apply it to your face, neck or hands.
  • Just pour a little of the powdered Vitamin C onto the palm of your hand.
  • Next, using the dropper, add a little serum to the powder on your palm and mix the two ingredients together.
  • Then apply it to your face, neck and hands. This fresh application assures the Vitamin C potency is at its highest.

Step #3: 3 times a week, on the days you do not exfoliate,

  • Mix the Botanical Masque with organic apple cider vinegar* in equal parts. Apply this to your face and tops of your hands, leaving on for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing it off.
  • Next, add the powdered “C” to the serum each time you apply it to your face, neck or hands as described above in Step #2 and apply it to your face, neck and tops of your hands if need be.

Step #4: Apply Moisturizer Plus over the Crystal C serum treatment every time you use it, as well. You may also optionally apply Total Therapy Serum over the CSC but before the Moisturizer Plus.

Optional Routine for only 3 days a week:

  • Exfoliate with Cleansing Scrub 3 times a week. Dry your face with a towel.
  • Directly after exfoliation, mix the Botanical Masque with organic apple cider vinegar* in equal parts. Apply this to your face and tops of your hands, leaving on for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing it off. Dry your face.
  • Then, add the powdered “C” to the serum each time you apply it to your face, neck or hands as described above in Step #2 and apply it to your face, neck and tops of your hands if need be.
  • Go to step #4

Long Term Use:

  • Do this treatment for at least one to two months and see those spots evaporate, your skin texture improve, your fine-lines diminish and your skin-coloring evening out.
  • After the one or two month treatment, you can exfoliate only once or twice a week along with the Botanical Masque treatment, only once a week.
  • The other days you’re not exfoliating or using the masque, apply the Crystal Serum C once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • After about 5 months, you can start to use the Crystal Serum C only once a day for maintenance, but be sure to exfoliate and use the Botanical Masque at least once a week.

TIP: You can now use the CFF Gua Sha treatment to further lighten hyperpigmentation. After your Age Spot Treatment, use the CFF Gua Sha and watch the hyperpigmentation go away. If you also add using the CFF CBD cream (coming soon to the shop), it will take it one step further to evening out your skin tone. 

Note: For the body ONLY!

For my body (not recommended for the face and hands .. too strong) you can make a mixture of 1 part L-Ascorbic Acid to 9 parts water and splash this all over your body .. legs, arms, etc… and do this every 3 days for about 2 weeks. It will lighten those brown spots A LOT .. and if you start to look a little “chalky” .. just stop for awhile and that will go away. You skin will also LOVE this treatment. Be sure to moisturize after about 30 minutes. You can make up a small cup of this water and use it for many weeks, but then it will oxidize.

*Apple cider vinegar is a natural hydroxyl acid. Of all alpha hydroxy acids, malic acid is the best choice for people with acne, oiliness and uneven skin tone. Naturally found in apples, malic acid helps to dissolve dead skin cells, decrease oil production, clear blackheads and fade dark spots, as it restores the natural pH balance of the skin. It helps to smooth wrinkles. While it can be used on skin rashes to control itching and clear them up completely, it’s best to do a skin patch test before using it on the skin, yourself.

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