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Age & Sun Spot Treatment

Age & Sun Spot Treatment

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$71.85 is now $57.48! Get a 20% discount when you buy this package of 3 products!

Now you can purchase all 3 products in the Treatment Plan for Diminishing Age/Sun Spots for a 20%-30% discount! See those dreaded brown spots fade away and your overall skin-tone coloration even out!

These three products work together as a treatment for diminishing age and sun spots. Check out the Age & Sunspot Treatment Blog for more ways to use this treatment! And the Benefits of L-Ascorbic Acid for the skin! 

 Botanical Masque Noticeably less lines and smoother skin after one use! With turmeric root as a natural anti-bacterial agent, this masque is naturally healing for the skin. It also contains beet powder, which is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin B5 improves the moisture retention capacity of the skin and stimulates skin regeneration. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effects. Vitamin C Ester works on the cell membrane and has been shown to provide antioxidant action potential comparable or greater than that of vitamin E.

Cleansing Scrub This scrub is full of aloe, which has a soothing effect on the skin. It also contains rooibos tea, an antioxidant that attacks harmful free radicals and limits their damaging effect. Combining those with gentle jojoba beads, this rich crème exfoliates without stripping or harming the skin. Rich in coconut, jojoba, olive and avocado oils, this is the perfect cleansing scrub that conditions and revitalizes the skin at the same time.

Crystal Serum C This highly concentrated serum helps to even out skin tone variations while bringing a fresher, younger and firmer look to the skin with each use. Dreaded brown spots fade away. Our packaging allows each customer to easily create a fresh intensive treatment of pure 16% vitamin C that comes in a separate vial by adding it to the pre-mix vitamin-rich base when ready for use.

See the Ingredients Demystified for sourcing and more information on the ingredients used in the CFFormulas Organic Skincare Line.

Check out the product tips webpage for more ways to use this product!

When using this product, perform the Circle-up Rub and Dancing Cs exercises that come with the purchase of every product to help diminish fine lines and tone the face even further.

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