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Custom Facial Exercises Workout

Custom Facial Exercises Workout

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Read about customizing your facial exercises workout.

Once you’ve established your foundational build - that is you have been using the basic 28 exercises in the DVD along with the Face Firmer for about 3 months, you may need bonus exercises to achieve the perfect result.

If you would like a customization of your routine after you have established your foundational build, Carolyn will design a new updated routine for you for a one-time charge of $25-. Follow-up is free.

What you need to do and what you get:

You will need to send recent photos of yourself as well as older photos from when just starting CFF and/or photos from when you were younger. All photos are saved to your confidential file for our eyes only. This will help Carolyn take into consideration your natural contours and design a program to enhance the elegance of your face.

Tell Carolyn your most recent workout routine. For example, how often you workout? Do you lie down to perform the routine and how many days a week do you perform the exercises?

Tell Carolyn what you want to accomplish.

Carolyn will then design and give you a detailed routine, including bonus exercises (videos to follow along) for you to add onto your basic 28 and the Face Firmer.

Follow-up with Carolyn is free.

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