Is Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ system preventative as well as corrective?

Preventive and Corrective

The exercises are preventive as well as corrective. The younger you start facial exercises, the less chance you have of ever developing the “sagginess” and wrinkles of old age. You will see results much faster the younger you are, of course. You have less to lift and build. Wrinkles are usually less deep, so they respond quickly to being rubbed away.


Even if you are only 20 years old, you will be ahead of the aging game when you start at this early age. Of course, you won’t have to perform the exercises as often as the rest of us “oldies”, but just performing the basic 28 exercises two or three times a week will keep the hands of time at a standstill.

TIP: It’s important to note if you start facial exercises with a fairly “firm face”, you may want to be sure the touch you use and the amount of pressure you apply to the face when performing the exercises is lighter than firmer. We’ve noticed that those of us with firmer faces, under that age of 30 for example, do best to keep this light touch with the facial exercises so one can control the amount of build one achieves from the very beginning. See, How to Achieve the Look you Want, using the Right Touch. Also, be sure to check How often should I perform the exercises – and what about moisturizer? In the FAQ section of the website.


We usually see a need for facial exercises in our late twenties or early thirties. However, if you are like me, as I was already 52 years old when I discovered facial exercises and had a lot of “correcting” to do, you can still be very successful in turning back the hands of time. You can diminish and eliminate most of your lines and wrinkles, lift-up the contours of your face and enhance the beauty of your skin using the CFF™ program.