How are wrinkles formed & how does Botox® work?

Toned Muscles Diminish Wrinkles

A deep wrinkle is caused by skin adhering to underlying tissue. Whenever the muscle contracts, the skin is pulled down, creating a valley. It takes years of “unconscious”, repetitive movement over and over again to create this valley we call a wrinkle. Botox® paralyzes muscle. If the muscle can’t contract, you don’t see the valley. The problem is, as soon as Botox® wears off, the movement is also back and therefore the wrinkle shows up, once again! A more sensible and permanent approach for deep wrinkles is to strengthen muscle, but also to free up the skin where it is stuck down. 

De-tack those Wrinkles 

CFF™ offers a four-step technique for actually releasing or “de-tacking” the adhering skin and then teaches you how to actually rub out the wrinkle. Just as you can rub out a wrinkle in a piece of shoe leather, you can also rub out a wrinkle in the face. As with a shoe, you must place a sock under the area on which you wish to work so that you create a firm surface on which to rub out that line. You will need to be sure you always contract the muscle underneath the skin area on which you work, as well.