How to get rid of the nasal/labial fold lines (laugh lines) with facial exercises?


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The nasal/labial fold lines or “laugh lines” as some people call them are of major concern to many of us. As we age and the facial structure begins to sag, these lines become more prominent looking on the face. The lines become more noticeable as the skin hangs down and gives a “defeated” look. How to raise them up and out and at the same time diminish the telltale line that’s left behind after the lifting?

What causes the n/l fold line to sag as we age?

As you age, the skin’s supply of collagen and elastin, the proteins that give skin its structural support and elasticity, decrease. As skin thins with age, it also sags. Loss of fat in the cheeks causes the skin over the cheeks to droop and can deepen those lines further. Facial exercises can lift, smooth and tighten the n/l fold line area of the face with the correct combination of exercises. 

First of all, a deep wrinkle is caused by skin adhering to underlying tissue. Whenever the muscle contracts, the skin is pulled down, creating a valley. It takes years of “unconscious”, repetitive movement over and over again to create this valley we call a wrinkle. This is what you see as that line forms from the corner of the nose to the mouth.

Now, because the muscles in the face go through the skin, allowing us to show facial expressions, when you build and tone the muscles of the face, you bring the skin up with this newly “tightened” muscle. The correct combination of facial exercises can release the stuck down skin, lift-up and build the cheeks and literally diminish and erase the n/l fold lines while sculpting a beautiful shape to the whole face and neck. Furthermore, the skin will also appear “thicker” as the skin and muscles tone and build.

It’s the Combination of Exercises that Lifts the N/L Fold Lines Up and Out

CFF™ uses a combination of exercises that actually builds muscle fiber as in the cheek area and this in turn tends to lift up the n/l fold lines. As well, as the jaw line and cheeks firm up, the n/l fold area also tends to lift up even more. It’s the combination of exercises in the basic 28 exercises that are included in the CFF™ program that helps to lift up this area of the face. There is no one exercise alone that seems to be able to do this.

Note: One of the biggest complaints I receive from facial exercise enthusiasts is that they used a program that over-built their nasal labial fold lines, aka laugh lines on the face. While either rubbing on them too much. pressing on them too often and too hard or over-building the cheeks has been effective in getting the wrinkle/ line to become less in that area, all that “attention” can make it stand out and look as if you’ve swallowed a pumpkin or you have two long fat worms running down your face. On the other hand, CFF has solved the issue of over-built n/l fold lines. CFF builds the cheeks and uses the massage technique, the Face Firmer to not only lift those laugh lines up and out of the face, but actually leaves a very attractive n/l fold line area that is youthful and smooth looking.

CFF will not overbuild the Face

When designing the CFF™ program, I noticed that many of the facial exercise programs tended to overbuild this nasal/labial fold area of the face. Nonie (coming soon) is a good example of someone who had overbuilt this area and was able to smooth it out and lift it up properly with CFF™. She only did the basic 28 exercises in the program and she was able to get this attractive result.

Rubbing Out the Wrinkles

As this line lifts up and out, sometimes the deeper n/l fold lines look wider at first as they become shallower with exercising. That’s when you can use the “Rubbing Out the Wrinkles” technique to diminish these lines so that they are either completely gone or greatly reduced.