How can you guarantee the basic workout is only 15 minutes long?

Don’t Try to “Fit in” Your Facial Exercises

After you have gone through the learning period, using the DVD or download and you know the facial exercises by heart, you will be lying down for your workout. Gravity will help to give you more speedy results from lying down. You will actually be building muscle fiber, now and you will “feel” that the exercises are a whole lot stronger as you need to lift and hold your head for a few of the exercises once you’re prone! I had a problem remembering all 28 exercises in the beginning, as well. When I tried to “fit in” some of the facial exercises during the day, I never managed to perform the entire routine during that day. I wasn’t performing the whole program as it had been designed, so I decided to address this issue.

CD Talks You Through the Program in 15 Minutes

I made a CD and a download that talked me through the facial exercises at a rhythm that gave the maximum benefit in the least amount of time. I just knew that 15 minutes was the limit I was willing to spend on my face. This CD is 15 minutes long. After awhile, I was really tired of hearing all the counting, so I made a second Final CD that was the same as the first one, the Pacing CD, only without the counting. So, now I had a CD or download that told me when the next exercise was to be performed. It still had the right interval for me to practice the facial exercise, as well. For example, it told me when to lift, turn, hold and even change sides but it did not drive me “nuts” with counting. This Final CD is also, of course, only 15 minutes long.

So, if you use the CDs or downloads that come with both Kits, you will have only a 15-minute workout guaranteed!