Can I only work on my problem areas and still get results?

Establish a Foundation First

Many people are able to address their problem areas only performing the 28 exercises in the basic program. That is, only performing those exercises that are in Part 1 and 2 of the DVD. However, with that said, once you have established your foundation (takes about 3 months to do this) you can simply perform at the end of the workout either one of the exercises for that specific area from the foundational 28 facial exercises or you can choose to perform one of the exercises from the bonus exercises offered in the Workbook and Newsletters, as well. For example, if you feel you have crows feet lines you want to address with more vigor, you can perform the “Crows Feet” exercise from the basic 28 one more time during the day, on top of your usual workout. This will take you about 30 seconds added to your basic 15 minute workout. The target card that comes with the flashcards in the Full Kit, lists which exercises are best for a specific part of the face or neck.

Spot Exercising Can Result in an Uneven Build

Exercising only one part of the face and not the other bits can result in an uneven or bulky-looking build on the face. This is called spot exercising. The CFF™ system exercises all 57 muscles of the face and neck. It was designed to give an elegant, even and balanced look to the face and neck when performed in its entirety. That means you need to first always workout with the basic program and facial massage, called the Face Firmer to insure you’re laying down the foundation for an even and balanced build of the face and neck. Later you can add “bonus” exercises for addressing those more stubborn areas that need extra attention. And remember, both men and women have the same physiology for the face, so this reality is true for both sexes.