The CFF Foundational 28 Facial Exercises

Performing All 28 Exercises Gives the Best Build to the Face

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness was designed with the consultation of a medical doctor and a professor of anatomy and physiology to be sure it was not only safe to use, but thorough and complete. It covers all 57 muscles of the face and neck. My background in teaching has allowed me to design a program that is easy to learn and easy to use. I tell you this, because our research indicates that all the muscles are inter-related to one another. You must perform all 28 basic facial exercises in order to create the results you want. Both men and women have the same physiology of the face. Be aware that spot exercising – that is exercising only one part of the face and not the other parts – can result in an uneven, lumpy or bulky looking face.

Spot Exercising Can Result in an Uneven Build

For example, you must build the muscles in the front of the neck, the Platysma muscle group, in order to lift the jowls and even hooded eyelids, properly. Since CFF™ was scientifically designed to give you the most beautiful/handsome build on the face and neck, possible, you will definitely want the benefits from performing the whole 15-minute workout! Furthermore, if one only exercises, say, the eyes and the eyes firm up and lift, the rest of the face looks noticeably hanging – it may look worse by comparison. So, YES! You need to do the basic 28 facial exercises to create a well-rounded, even, firm and youthful “look”.

It’s the Combination of Exercises that Gives Results

Naturally, not all facial exercises build the face in the same way. CFF™ face exercises are tested by a team of six people of different ages, gender and ethnicity to see exactly the build they give to the face and neck. They are then redesigned and integrated into the CFF™ system. All this is done before offering them to the public.

When designing the foundational 28 exercises, they were tested and evaluated by the team to be sure that these foundational exercises give an even, powerful and elegant build to all facial structures. Later, usually within 3 months of exercising, you can add the bonus exercises to aid in getting those trouble spots. I still have to do extra repetitions of exercises whenever I workout for the jowls. My big trouble spot!

However, many people find that the basic 28 exercises along with the massage, the Face Firmer are enough to give them the results they want.