Why do we have to contract the muscles before we slide across the skin? And what about the forehead?

Contacting Muscle First Before Sliding is One of the Secrets of CFF

Remember, one of the secrets of the CFF system is that you are sliding over the skin while the muscle is in contraction. You are NOT stretching the skin, you are sliding OVER the skin, toning the muscles in the process. How does this work, you may ask? The muscles of the face are connected one end to bone and the other end directly into the skin or another muscle. This configuration allows us to show facial expression. Therefore, as you tone the muscles in the face, the skin lifts up with the tighter, smoother, toned muscle. As well, as the muscle tones and smoothes out, the wrinkles also become less deep. As a note, the muscles in the rest of the body are mostly connected bone to bone and the skin and connective tissue slide “over” the muscles.

Technique is Different for the Forehead

When performing the Wrinkle Release technique and the Dancing Cs on the forehead, you cannot easily contract the forehead muscles and execute these techniques. According to Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D., the muscles on the forehead are like a “sheet of muscles”. Since the skin and muscles are very close to the skeleton on the forehead as opposed to the rest of the face, there is not a great concern for having to contract the muscle first before attempting these techniques. You will have great success at reducing wrinkles and smoothing out the forehead without having to contract the muscles first. Therefore, you don’t have to contract the muscles on the forehead when performing these two exercise techniques.