Why Must I Contract the Muscle First when Performing the “Rubbing the Wrinkles Out” technique?

Contract the Muscle Underneath the Rub

Contracting the muscle before rubbing will stabilize the area first. Always be sure that the muscle underneath the wrinkle you want to rub out is contracted as you work. Always be sure to put the “dreaded” wrinkle between the “V” shape of your fingers and then rub. These two steps, first of all insure that you have a stationery platform on which to work as well as keeping the skin completely immobile. Then, you must also go very slowly at first. While it is true that the friction helps to rub out the wrinkle, you might try moisturizing the area in the beginning. It’s very easy to make an abrasion. You can apply this technique to any wrinkle on your face or neck except NOT around the thin skin of the eyes. Rub in the same direction as the wrinkle as opposed to perpendicular to the wrinkle.

Deeper Wrinkles Can Get Wider at First

As you rub out the wrinkle, you may notice that a deeper wrinkle is getting wider and flatter. The wrinkle is not getting bigger, it is becoming more shallow. Just persevere and in time the wrinkle will either totally disappear or at least become very faint.

Because a wrinkle forms from skin adhering to underlying tissue, making a little valley over time we call a wrinkle … and because this starts off very shallow at first and gets deeper and deeper as we continue to make those “unconscious gestures” over and over again, these newer lines will often surface when we perform facial exercises. The good news is, these new lines can usually be erased completely as they surface because they are not so deeply “etched” as the already visible lines are, for sure.

Check out the Rubbing Out the Wrinkles Technique video