Can I have a personal consultation?

If you wish to have a personal one-on-one experience, Carolyn’s Facial Fitness is now offering Zoom lessons with Carolyn for the seasoned facial exerciser to the “newbie” who wants that special attention that a one-on-one private lesson can give. Carolyn designs the routines and teaches them. In the future, certified trainers will also be added.

There are 3 different time slots to choose from. 

30 minute session

60 minute session

2 - 60 minute sessions for a 10% discount

So, yes you can restore your face to a more youthful, firm and smoother look with the CFF system starting at any age. And, you are never too old to start! CFF is corrective as well as preventive. And, to be sure you have the perfect technique, we offer these fabulous Zoom sessions for a face-to-face video chat that will assure you’re doing everything properly … as well as being guided to correct your particular concerns.