Can I over-build the face?

What is over-building the face?

Over-building the face simply means you have stressed the face to the point that an awkward-looking build has happened to the face and/or neck. Either you were:

  • Using a program that is not balanced. That is the combination of exercises you were performing is not thought-out correctly to give a good-looking build to the face
  • Or you were spot building, meaning you were doing only a few exercises instead of a comprehensive program. It’s the combination of exercises in the CFFitness™ system that gives you a balanced, elegant and fit-looking face
  • Or you were performing the exercises too often and not following the schedule for your age group. The tissue of the face and neck need time-off to build properly. Here is the schedule for the CFFitness™ program:

After the four month mark, adjust your program as follows:

  • Under the age of 32, exercise only 2 or 3 times a week
  • Between the ages of 32 and 42, exercise 3 times a week
  • Over the age of 42, exercise 3 to 5 times a week

Always perform the Face Firmer with each workout

With the CFFitness™ program be assured you will most likely look more as you did when you were younger, only with a bit more definition and lift. It is the only program on the market today which effectively gives you this balanced, elegant and powerful build. The CFFtiness™ system gives you back the face you thought you’d never see again.

Muscles Have Memory

You will notice with all of the exercises that in the beginning you will see either a lifting or a tightening of the area you’re working on… your neck for example. It will lift and/or tighten and this effect will last at first for a few minutes to a few hours until it lasts all day and then is “permanently” lifted. The longer you do the exercises, the longer the lift will hold during the day. After a while, THAT area is lifted and stays lifted. It’s so much fun.

The opposite is true as well. This is why when you stop doing the exercises, after awhile, you will lose this lift and tightening and go back to where you were “before” you began. The longer you’ve been doing them, the longer it takes to go “back”. However, since muscles have memory, if you do slack off from the exercises after doing them for say… three years… and gravity starts to work, all you have to do are the exercises again and within a month or two, you’ll be back to where you were at the three year mark. The muscles remember. It’s very nice! And of course, this is one more reason why facial exercises claim to be “natural”.

Enhance the Contours of the Face and Neck

Just a note about the “natural claim”. You must also remember that with surgery, the muscles of the face are often moved and placed in a different spot on the face, to give the look of higher cheekbones, for example. As you age, you can look distorted over time. With facial exercises, you actually build muscle fiber, creating the look of higher cheekbones – only these “cheeks” are in the right place on your face and the look is natural, younger, firmer and more beautiful/handsome. This means you’ll age well, too. You actually enhance the natural contours of your face and neck.

Over-building Can be Corrected

This is also one reason you don’t have to worry about over-building the face or neck. If you find one particular exercise does not build the face the way you want, you just stop doing it… the “look” you didn’t want disappears. For example, there is an exercise out “there” I found in many facial exercise programs. It’s when you put your index fingers in the corners of the mouth and pucker your lips and pull back with the fingers to create resistance. I thought it would be great for attacking the puckers that form in the corners of the mouth. Well…. when I did it for any length of time, it built the muscles around the “laugh lines” in such a way it gave me the look of an “ape”. I STOPPED it as soon as I saw this build and after three to four weeks, it finally subsided and gave me back the look I wanted. I secretly call it the “ape mouth” exercise. I do not have this exercise any where in my program. I found that “The Kiss” and the “Mouth Pouch Lifter” give the look I want and lift up the pouches in the corners just fine! This is why all the exercises in CFF™ are tested for six months before they go into my course. I want the look for the face that Yoga and Pilates gives to the body – that young, elegant, balanced and firm look!