Why can’t I get my muscles to respond when first starting facial exercises?

It Takes Time to Gain Control Over All the Muscles

In the beginning you will be attempting to exercise muscles that have not been asked to move in probably years! So, when one of the directions in the CFF™ program is to contract your lower eyelid, you may find that you squint with your whole eye, instead. This is only natural. It will take a few days to gain control over the muscle and be able to isolate it. The trick is to keep trying to contract that bottom eyelid and within 2 weeks (at the very outside) you will find that you can isolate, flex and hold that lower eyelid and the rest of the face doesn’t move. Congratulations! You are now flushing toxins from under the eye and alleviating dark circles.

Furthermore, you may also notice that when performing some of the exercises, like the Jowl Firmer that your skin on your cheeks will tend to fold and feel quite loose. This is absolutely normal. When you first start doing facial exercises, especially when you’re over 40, the facial structure has become quite “loose”. In the beginning, it is not uncommon for this skin folding “thing” to happen. Just give it time. Within a couple of months you will notice that your face has firmed to the extent that the skin is no longer folding like it might be in the beginning. Over time, your face will become very, very firm.

A little story: When I was 56 years old and getting my teeth cleaned, the dental hygienist informed me that the age was wrong on my dental form. I could not be 56 years old. I assured him I was. He said that my cheeks were too firm to be that old. PLUS! I didn’t look that “old”, either. Snicker. So, just keep going and realize that the muscles and connective tissue are slowly, but surely, firming up. Remember, I was already 52 years old when I first started facial exercises and now my face is very firm and more so every year I age!

Slowly Build Up the Number of Repetitions

Remember that “easy is right”. Take your time. You may also find that you can’t perform all the repetitions as stated. For example, the Neck Strengthener is looking with the eyes, far left over the shoulder and far right. Sitting up this is easy. Lying down, you will be asked to lift your head up off the floor, half an inch or so, and look far left and far right. In the beginning, I could only do about four turns and that was it. Every day, I added one more until I could easily do the 40 turns advised. I did this slowly and deliberately, over time. I knew that this exercise was building the muscles in the front of my neck and that this would help to lift my jowls and hanging eyelids. What a great motivation! Just go slowly, keep trying to perform the facial exercises and eventually, you will find you can easily isolate a muscle and move it at will.