How is CFF face exercise program different from other programs?

First, a little background

When I first discovered facial exercises, I ordered one book after another about facial exercises to try them out. This book of exercises gave me a little toning of the face, but not much else. So, I researched further. I bought another book and then I bought another program and every time, each book or program offered something new and some new result. However, no one program gave me the result I wanted. Remember I was already 52 years old, having just lost about 50 pounds and I needed “help”.

Designing My Own Program

To make a long story short, I finally designed my own program. I found that muscle resistance training actually built muscle fiber that created lift and isometrics as well as a few other exercises toned the skin and the muscles, further creating lift. This was very important to me as I really needed a lot of lift in the jowl area, especially. I had now accumulated lots of facial exercises. So, I started to exercise with around 56 exercises that took me almost 90 minutes to finish. Not only was I afraid of spot exercising resulting in an uneven or awkward-looking build, this was way too much time invested for me. I knew I’d never keep it up. I lasted about 2 weeks.

Next, I studied and studied and consulted two friends of mine, a medical doctor and a professor of anatomy and physiology. It took awhile…I had to test all of the facial exercises individually to see how they built the face. Both men and women basically have the same physiology of the face. I finally found the right combination of exercises that not only addressed all 57 muscles of the face as well as the neck, but that this combination gave the most attractive-looking build to the face as well. So many programs neglected the neck or gave builds that were unflattering. Even today, when I look at the before and after photos on my competitors websites, I find the builds I see on those “after or progress” faces not very becoming. Wide-looking faces, over-built laugh lines, masculine builds on women, neglected necks or results that are not really obvious. With CFF, you can be assured that you will have a very good-looking build. That is, one that truly lifts and rounds the cheeks, lifting the nasal/labial fold lines up and out; eyes that are open and a jaw line that is firm and obvious. In other words, CFF gives a very strong, balanced and attractive build to both the face and neck! Finally, I was able to put it all together into a 15-minute workout.

Contracting the Muscles First and Sliding Across the Skin is Key

One of the first books I found was from a medical doctor, Frederick Rossiter, M.D.{1} He found that contracting the muscles first and sliding across the skin gave the best looking build. Because the muscles and skin are intertwined in the face with one end of the muscle inserted into the bone and the other end into another muscle or through the skin, when you contracted and slid across the muscles, you not only brought up the skin with this method (making the pores look smaller) you also were challenging the bones. Wow! I’d found the perfect method of facial exercising!

I have several university degrees. I love research. Today I own over 80 books and programs – all about facial exercising. This is not to count the many articles I’ve read and saved, as well. I continue to test all the facial exercises on a group of 6 people of different gender, ages and ethnicity. I offer these exercises to my clients through bonus exercises and Newsletters, as well as articles and I can say with confidence that I have designed a program that I feel is the best of the best in facial and neck exercises. I also demonstrate all 28 facial exercises that make-up the complete program in a friendly, easy to use DVD format or download for instant viewing. I didn’t find any other facial exercise program that offered this important learning device the way I do. They either offered only a portion of the exercises or they offered a DVD demonstration that is not user friendly. That I was able to present the entire workout in a 15-minute time period was also very important to me.


Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ is also priced just right. I think I offer more for your money than any other program on the market today. There are four options to choose from and all four of them offer the full 28 foundational exercises, the personal trainer CD that talks you through the program in only 15 minutes and the Face Firmer massage. Two of the packages are hardcopy and one is a digital Value Pack at a good price! Then there is a “bundle” you can buy of the facial exercises including the CFFormulas Skincare products, coming soon at a reduced price. Plus, I offer the same great customer service no matter which one you buy. You also get a Newsletter every year with both purchases offering a free facial exercise or routine. This means you never have to buy the program again as I always keep you updated. As well, the price of either kit is reasonably priced for all income levels. 

Offering the Best-looking Build for the Face and Neck

So, to finally answer your question…. Carolyn’s Facial Fitness is a complete program that uses every technique and type of face exercise I could research, change, improve and redesign, put into a 15-minute program that gives the best looking build on the face and neck. A look of strength, elegance, youth and beauty. As well, my program is easy to learn and easy to use. Along with the DVD, you also get motivational CDs so you always have my voice to talk you through the entire workout in only 15 minutes. There’s even color photo-illustrated techniques for rubbing out wrinkles and a facial massage that guarantees the face stays in balance. Lying down to do the exercises is also essential for good results. Gravity helps instead of hinders! These are all elements I did not find in any one program but my own, CFF™.

{1} Frederick M. Rossiter, M.D.: A professor of anatomy and physiology and author of the book Face Culture, Pageant Press, (Copyright 1956) (Out of Print)