Why do I have to eventually lie down to perform the exercises?

Lying Down Gives Faster Results

You will have better, faster and more complete results when you lie down and perform the facial exercises. First of all you have to create resistance in order to build muscle fiber properly. This is done best when you lie down and have to lift and hold your head in various ways. You build the muscles “faster” this way than you can only sitting up. Larger muscles mean more lift and definition to the face and neck.

Using the CFF™ system, once you know the face exercises by heart from doing them sitting up, using Part 1 of the DVD, you will then observe Part 2 of the DVD. This shows you the five facial exercises that you will be doing a little differently lying down than from sitting up. Lying down allows you to build certain muscles in the neck that in turn help to lift the rest of the face correctly. Because you will most likely use the Pacing CD that talks you through the program in only 15 minutes, it’s most convenient to lie down for all of the first 26 exercises (keeps you from sitting up and lying down all the time) and you sit-up for numbers 27 and 28, only, per instruction.

You will also note that there are those two facial exercises (#27 and #28) at the end of the workout when you are asked to “sit-up” and perform them. This is also a must as these exercises are best executed sitting up in order to achieve optimal benefits. You will also notice that the bonus exercises are also performed sitting up.

Lying Down is a Must for Building Muscle Fiber Correctly

For example, you will be turning your head from side to side sitting up, but when you lie down to do this exercise, you will lift your head half an inch off the mattress (or floor) and then turn your head from side to side, looking far left and then far right. You can imagine how much stronger this exercise becomes at building the muscles in the front of your neck. The same is true for “The Pout” exercise. You will lift your head with each Pout you make and hold for a count of five. Again, you are allowing the muscles in the jowl area to be affected with a much stronger force, while building the muscles in other parts of the neck. In fact, many of the exercises can only give you the best results when you lie down and perform them. You can build muscle fiber faster when gravity is helping you in this way.

It’s very important to build a good foundation including the neck area, in order to lift the jowls and even the hooded eyelids properly.

So, to reiterate: Yes, if you lie down and perform the exercises, once you know them by heart … and if you follow along with my voice on the personal trainer CD that comes with each kit, you will achieve the most elegant, contoured, lifted, tighter face and neck for which the CFF™ program was designed.