Does it matter what time of day I do the exercises?

Setting a Routine Ensures Consistency

It doesn’t make any difference what time of day you do them. Any time you choose is fine. However, I always suggest to my clients that they try and do them at the same time during the day. If you perform the exercises at the same time every day you workout, you will find it easier to keep this schedule and therefore DO THE EXERCISES in the long run. This is my old schoolteacher rearing her “easiest-way-to-do-your-homework, head”. Snicker.

Choose a Schedule that Works for You

I like to do the exercises in the morning when I first wake up. I set my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and play the Final CD for talking me through the exercises. Since the CD is only 15 minutes long, I’m done and on my way in no time. When I tried to fit them in, I was not successful. I needed a schedule. Other people insist that it’s best to do them in the evening before you go to bed … that sleeping “on the exercises” gives a faster result. They claim that one should “rest on the exercises” and they are then, therefore more effective.

Perform All 28 Exercises

It also doesn’t matter in which order you do the exercises. Just that you do ALL of them so you’re working all the groups of muscles necessary to give you the most beautiful, handsome, elegant and contoured look you can get from the CFF™ program.