Can face exercises help remove “set” wrinkles in the face and neck?

Technique is Important

Dr. Frederick Rossiter M.D., a professor of anatomy and physiology from the 1960’s talks about how beneficial massage is to the forehead in particular and the entire face, over all. He’s the one that emphasizes the importance of contracting a muscle underneath the skin before rubbing out a wrinkle. Essentially he says a massage without contraction is beneficial for relaxation and circulation but not to eliminate wrinkles. He is very emphatic about keeping the muscles in contraction before rubbing across the skin. He began to use this method himself in his sixties and had great results. In the meanwhile, so have we by using the exercises and techniques offered in the CFF™ program!

Deep Wrinkles Can be Addressed

Furthermore, he states that massaging the skin (the way we do in CFF™) increases and improves circulation of the blood and circulation to the lymph nodes in the skin. In fact, he states that there can even be structural changes in the fat deposits within each cell. When wrinkles are stubbornly set after many years, these wrinkles seem almost “rooted” in the skin and cannot be entirely erased. Such wrinkles characterize a definite microscopic change in the tissues under them. Elastic fibers are absorbed, tiny skin muscles are absorbed, fat is absorbed at that point and so the wrinkle actually is a scar in the skin. This is the reason why in some cases, massage will not remove the wrinkles completely. Using CFF™ techniques, however, you can take the wrinkle to the point where it is only a very faint line.

If You Rest – You Rust

Dr. Rossiter goes onto say that anyone having a fair degree of health and some determination can improve sagging tissues of the face through exercise and massage. The old saying that a machine will rust out sooner than it can be worn out, also applies to the human body. Continued activity of physical functions keeps it in constant repair, hence promoting their longevity. The skin is no exception to the rule. The facial and neck exercises as well as the massage one does using the CFF™ program will help prevent, delay and minimize wrinkles as well as tighten, firm and lift the face and neck.