How was Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Designed?

Good Research Brings a Program that Gives Results

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ was designed with the consultation of a medical doctor and a professor of anatomy and physiology to be sure it was not only safe to use, but thorough and complete. 22 years later they are still on my consulting team. The program covers all 57 muscles of the face and neck. My background in teaching has allowed me to design a program that is easy to learn and easy to use. I tell you this, because our research indicates that all the muscles are inter-related to one another . You must  perform all 28 basic facial exercises in order to create the results you want, including the Face Firmer facial massage, as well. Both men and women basically have the same physiology of the face. Be aware that spot exercising or as it’s sometimes called, “spot building” – that is exercising only one part of the face and not the other parts – can result in an uneven, lumpy or bulky looking face.

Best Value for the Money Spent

I think that CFFitness is a better value for the money than any other program out on the market today, as well. First of all, I think that CFF gives a much better-looking build than any other facial exercise program you can buy. One of the reasons I designed my own program is because I tried ALL the other facial exercise programs (I confess I own over 80 programs, today) and none of them gave a beautiful build to both the face and the neck.

Technique is Important 

CFFit is based on a technique by Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D. who says that because the muscles of the face go through the skin in order for us to show facial expression (in the body the muscles are attached bone to bone) if you first contract the muscles of the face and slide across the skin you not only build muscle fiber you also bring the skin up with the newly toned muscles. Your wrinkles are less, too. The results are faster and very good-looking.

It’s the Combination of Exercises that Gives You the Results You Want

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ has worked out the best combination of exercises to give you that perfect balance to the face. We’ve managed to achieve this in a 15 minute workout which means you’re more likely to perform the exercises since the amount of time devoted to achieving these great results is minimal. Furthermore, there are “bonus” exercises in the program that address those more stubborn areas you may wish to revitalize. There’s even a technique for eliminating and diminishing wrinkles. CFF is a complete system bringing you the best possible build to the face, neck, chest and hands. It truly is the right combination of exercises working together.

Always Perform All 28 Exercises

For example, you must build the muscles in the front of the neck in order to lift the jowls and even hooded eyelids, properly. Since CFF was scientifically designed to give you the most beautiful/handsome build on the face and neck, possible, you will definitely want the benefits from performing the whole 15-minute workout! Furthermore, if one only exercises, say, the eyes and the eyes firm up and lift, the rest of the face looks noticeably hanging – it may look worse by comparison. So, YES! You need to do the basic 28 facial exercises to create a well-rounded, even, firm and youthful “look”.