Tips for Using CFFormulas Products & More!

These tips are updated from time to time, so check back once in awhile for new info! Last updated January 30, 2024.

Please check out the blog of Carolyn’s Skincare and Facial Exercising Routine!

Introducing the CFF Gua Sha – CFF’s anti-aging device that incorporates microcurrents, heat, red light therapy, and vibration.

See the blog here for details on how it all works to benefit your complexion!

Be sure to check out my recent video clip on my personal experience with the CFF Gua Sha


– Relaxes the skin and helps to accelerate blood circulation for a more beautiful complexion.
– Enhances skin elasticity by activating ATP in the muscles
– Helps even out skin-tone and reduce hyperpigmentation with the red-light therapy
– Reduces wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin fiber production
– Firms the double chin area as well as the neck
– Lifts and tightens the skin (muscle and skin are intertwined in the face)
– Enhances the absorption of serums and oils for deeper penetration into the skin
– Stimulates the natural meridians in the face and neck for trigger point therapy.
– When paired with CFF CBD Antioxidant Crème (coming soon) the effects are boosted tremendously. The CFF Gua Sha microcurrent and heat, helps to penetrate any serums or lotions you use for even better and deeper coverage.  When ordering the Gua Sha and the CBD cream, you receive a 15% discount. Here is a video of me, age 73, showing you how to use the Gua Sha with the CBD cream.

Suggested Gua Sha use:

Start off with using it 3 times a week … one session … as in the CFF Gua Sha video. Then, you can use it up to 5 times a week. You will start to feel it in your face and you’ll sense when it’s time to use it or if it’s too much. You can use it more often after that. Always check to see how it feels for you. The microcurrent has accumulative effects See the Science of Microcurrent and How it Works.

I use it, now, 3 to 4 times a week. After the initial 3 times a week, I used it almost every day for a week, but it felt like too much. Now, two  times a week I like to exfoliate with the Cleansing Scrub and then I use the Botanical Masque with organic apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy for blocked pores because it contains malic acid, a natural acid that loosens the outer layer of dead skin cells and prevents inflammation. It tones your skin, reduces blemishes and promotes a more balanced complexion. Apple cider vinegar is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, plus it helps balance the pH of your skin (which is actually supposed to be slightly acidic). 

You can also use it on your scalp and especially your hairline.

I also use it on my joints and any sore muscles …. My hands and my feet. I love this gadget!

Question and answer on Facebook: Does this replace the CFF massage?

This is an enhancement for the skin and helps to smooth the fascia with the microcurrent and even out the skin-tone with the red-light therapy. The heat helps to penetrate skincare products into the skin. When we massage with our hands, we are challenging muscles to build. The CFF Gua Sha, is an addition to the facial exercises and takes your results up a notch. Plus, it’s not time consuming and feels great. At age 74, the little crinkling on the sides of my cheeks are completely gone, now with this gadget. I hope I explained this well.

Tip for Fall & Winter Weather: Try mixing Moisturizer Plus with a little bit of Hydrating Crème Masque  to make a richer moisturizer in this drier more challenging climate!

NEW:  From a veteran CFF facial exerciser:  There is one other practice that has made a huge difference to my looks. When I hit my late fifties, despite your wonderful exercises, my eyes were puffy and seemed to be aging faster than the rest of my face. I tried everything – more exercises, eye creams and gels, you name it.

Then, following an Internet search, I came across a suggestion to sleep on an elevated wedge pillow (about 10 inches high), so fluid now drains away from my eyes and face when I sleep. My goodness me, my eyes have returned to normal – very little puffiness, lids visible and elevated! The difference is unbelievable based on that one change to my sleeping routine.

Tip: See our Treatment Plan for Diminishing Age/Sun Spots

NOTE: Just go to the Schedule for Radiant Skin to see which products to use when! 

Balancing Facial Cleanser

  • Washing your face once a day is better for the skin than washing it twice a day. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. However, we tend to over-wash our faces and strip them of their natural oils.
  • To cleanse away all eye make-up using Balancing Facial Cleanser, be sure you have your eyes closed tightly so that the muscles are contracted before you begin to remove the make-up. Next, apply the cleanser with a little extra warm water to make the whole operation very slippery. Make fast, rapid circles over the contracted eye area and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Every bit of eye make-up will be gone and your skin will feel moisturized and healthy. Very invigorating, too!
  • While all of the CFFormula skin care products are unscented, sometimes you can smell the botanicals that help to make this skin care line so effective. The Balancing Facial Cleanser may have a strong scent of Rooibos extract which has powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and free-radical scavenging properties. This fragrance is natural.
  • Apply one of the CFFormulas ™ masques – Botanical Masque or the Hydrating Crème Masque and then Moisturizer Plus after cleansing or a warm water rinse in the morning for best results.
  • You don’t need a toner since the Balancing Facial Cleanser has an ideal pH and leaves the skin perfectly balanced.
  • When using this product, perform the Circle-up Rub and Dancing Cs exercises that come with the purchase of every product to help diminish fine lines and tone the face even further.

Botanical Masque

  • The Botanical Masque has two kinds of clay. One is great for purifying the skin. The other clay is good for hydrating the skin. And of course, it’s packed with antioxidants. This makes this masque good for all skin types. Adjust the use of this masque with the appropriate liquid for oily skin twice a week and for drier and mature skin only once a week when not following the Schedule for Radiant Skin. Otherwise, follow the schedule, one month every six months and use it twice a week during that time.
  • Mix-up a small bit of Bot Masque with some water or your choice of liquid. Dab this little smidgen onto a blemish or pimple and let it dry. Wash it off. You can do this every day and your blemishes, etc… will become less and less.
  • Treat your feet including your toes and heels once a week with this fabulous masque.
  • Try the masque on the back of your hands, your chest area and cleavage and see the skin become smoother and more evenly-toned.
  • Liquids to use:
  • Yogurt and milk are good for all skin types.
  • Kefir, soy milk, rice milk or any hydrosol or distillate water works well, too.
  • Most fruit or vegetable juices, vinegar, or water with sea salt or any liquid that is beneficial for the skin can also be tried.
  • Mash up a cucumber and mix the juice with the powder.
  • Goat’s milk is great for oilier skin.
  • Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar to Bot Masque – it is a must try. Here’s a quote from one of our clients who tried it. “But something I tried the other day, made my skin look AMAZING even for a couple of days afterwards. it was apple cider vinegar, it made my skin look so soft and clearer than before! Which is amazing because it is looking soft and clear from all the hard work I’ve been doing for over the past few months already…”
  • For color therapy, try using carrot juice or small amounts of orange juice.
  • Try mixing the Botanical Masque with olive oil as the liquid if you have especially dry skin.
  • Use equal amounts of the Glowing Skin Therapy Mist for a powerful hydrating experience.
  • The liquid you use is only limited by your imagination (within safe guidelines)
  • Usually a rounded quarter-teaspoon of Botanical Masque powder to the same amount of liquid, plus a bit, will cover the entire face, neck and tops of the hands.
  • Follow every Botanical Masque treatment with the Hydrating Crème Masque and then Moisturizer Plus for an even more amazing result.

CBD Antioxidant Crème – Coming Soon!

  • Use a small dab on the face and neck and chest morning and night. A little bit goes a long way.
  • For stunning results, follow the Schedule for Radiant Skin.
  • After applying the serums, if using the schedule, add the cbd cream then. Apply the Moisturizer Plus, last.
  • People are reporting that they also use this cbd cream as their only moisturizer. It’s that rich and nourishing. Others like using both cbd and MP for stunning results.
  • Rub into your hands and fingers and feel the relief from any tightness or discomfort. The skin on the top of the hands will also lose that crepey look with regular use.
  • Apply the cbd cream when using the facial exercises.  The cbd cream will be especially rubbed into the skin, this way and the cream is not too slippery.  Friction will still be happening for good resistance and great results.
  • If your skin looks spotty with age/brown spots, apply the cbd cream and see your face skin-tones even out and blend. You can also add the cbd cream to the Age and Sunspot Treatment Add it after you use the Crystal Serum C.
  • Blog is coming soon: Introduction to CFF’s cbd antioxidant creme.
  • The CFFormulas CBD Antioxidant Crème can be ordered directly from CFF. Just contact and just ask!

Cleansing Scrub

  • Adjust using the Cleansing Scrub to your preference, but be sure to scrub at least once a week and no more than three times a week maximum to keep the acid mantel in balance.
  • Add a tad bit of water when using the Cleansing Scrub and the product slides over the skin better.
  • You don’t need to follow with a toner since the pH of this scrub has the perfect balance for the skin.
  • Scrub the tops of your hands and your feet from time to time.
  • Follow exfoliation with one of the CFFormulas™ masques – the Botanical Masque or the Hydrating Crème Masque for best results. Finish with Moisturizer Plus.
  • When using this product, perform the Circle-up Rub and Dancing Cs exercises that come with the purchase of every product to help diminish fine lines and tone the face even further.
  • TIP: When using the Face Polishing routine, once a week, perform it using the Cleansing Scrub, but only with the exfoliation cream once a week! Otherwise, use a moisturizer when performing the Face Polishing, especially in the beginning.
  • NEW TIP: This just in from Sherry.  She uses the Cleansing Scrub on her legs and arms to eliminate crepey skin. She says she’s tried everything else and this is the only thing that really works for her.
  • Check out the updated Cleansing Scrub

Crystal Serum C

  • While using the Crystal Serum C twice a day is optimal, using the Cleansing Scrub once a week for exfoliation and the Crystal Serum C only once a day will also lighten sun/age spots a lot and leave the skin looking evenly toned.
  • Use this combination on top of your hands for the same effect.
  • Layering Crystal Serum C with Total Therapy Serum brings even better results.
  • Use the handy dropper pipette lid to dispense the product precisely.
  • To mix, add the Crystal C to the base, put the dropper back on the bottle and shake well. Sometimes the powdered C does not mix down right away. Unscrew the dropper and use the tip of the dropper to mix in any loose powdered C into the base. Then squeeze the serum into the dropper and shoot it back into the bottle a few times. No more mixing is required.
  • Our vitamin C powder, L-Ascorbic Acid does not always disperse immediately into the serum. It can take a couple of minutes to hours. We use a medical grade powdered vitamin C that’s used in Emergency Rooms so that when applied directly to an inflamed area, as an insect bite, the bites inflammation is reduced. Our vitamin C does not have any fillers, like silicone, etc… to help it to disperse faster. Instead, you are getting the full-strength, best quality crystal vitamin C and it’s one reason the serum plus vitamin C works so well in evening-out the uneven skin-tone variations while also diminishing those dreaded “age spots”.
  • While the serum base of the Crystal Serum C can last up to 18 months with full viability, once you add the powdered “C” to the serum, it can oxidize within 60 days. Some of you prefer to use this product slower than the 60 days. You can therefore only add the crystal “C” to the serum each time you apply it to your face, neck or hands and this will allow you to use the CSC at your own rate without fear of oxidation. Just pour a little of the crystal “C” onto the palm of your hand and using the dropper, add a little serum and mix it together. You can then apply it to your face, neck and hands. You may feel/see that this application is a little grainy as the crystal C takes longer to dissolve this way. Not to worry. Layer with a moisturizer or another serum after the application and the combination of the heat from your skin and the new liquid from the moisturizer will further disperse the crystals.
  • Beware that using the fresh crystal C this way gives you a strong dose of L-ascorbic acid. While this is great for the skin, Vit C does stay in the skin when applied topically for several days. So, only use this application every few days or only once a day – not am and pm, both.
  • Store the bottle out of direct sunlight.
  • Check out the blog, Fresh-packed Vitamin C Give you Gorgeous Skin in 7 days!
  • Check out our Age & Spot Treatment plan and see those dreaded brown spot fade away! Here's the blog

Glowing Skin Therapy Mist 

  • Mist your bare face before applying other skin care products to reduce the look of age/sun spots and fine lines.
  • Mist again to set your make-up and achieve a youthful radiant glow.
  • Mist your bare hands and arms to minimize age/sun spots and improve the texture of your skin.
  • For those of your wanting to use a “toner”, this is it. It balances the skin’s pH to 4.5 to 5. Perfect!
  • It is so hydrating it can be used in place of a moisturizing cream for oilier skin.
  • It can be used to hydrate drier and/or mature skin, especially when used in conjunction with Moisturizer Plus
  • TIP: This from one of my clients. Thank you Irene. She says her hair becomes very dry and brittle from coloring it and when she tries using a dry-hair moisturizing product it leaves her hair too oily and limp. However, she sprays the ends of her hair (about one inch from the scalp down) with GSTM and it’s perfect! It even makes her hair feel lively and look shiny!
  • Mist any time you wish and as often as you like for a refreshing feel and to give you complexion that dewy-look of youth
  • Use the liquid from the Refill bottle added to the Botanical Masque

When the one-ounce airless bottle is out of product, follow these directions to refill the bottle:

  • Remove the cap of the airless bottle and unscrew the pump.
  • Place one end of the bamboo wand that comes with the kit into the bottle in the center of the disc where there is a little indentation.
  • Push the disc down to the bottom of the bottle until it stops.
  • Pour in the liquid refill-product to the top of the airless bottle.
  • Screw the pump back on tightly.
  • Work the spray a few times to get it going.
  • Watch the video here

Hydrating Crème Masque 

  • If you have time, use this masque every day and leave it on for 5 to 30 minutes for optimal results.
  • Slather the Hydrating Crème Masque onto your neck, chest, hands, feet and fingernails every once in awhile for additional benefit.
  • You can use the HCM as a moisturizer, if you wish. You can also mix HCM with MP to create the perfect balance for your skin. HCM can give your skin a boost if it’s exposed to very cold or very dry weather.
  • Applying HCM to fingernails with ridges on a consistent basis can eliminate those horrible nail ridges over time.
  • TIP: Here’s a tip from Meeranada. She had a bad sunburn and applied the hydrating cream masque and left it on all night. When she woke up the next morning – no sunburn!
  • When applying this product, perform the Circle-up Rub and Dancing Cs exercises that come with the purchase of any product and help eliminate fine lines and tone the face even further.

Moisturizer Plus 

  • So rich, a little bit goes a long way.
  • Try applying Moisturizer Plus on top of your hands and on your chest, too.
  • Remember you can use it around the eyes for greatly diminished fine lines there, as well.
  • Rub Moisturizer Plus into your fingernails for healthier-looking nails.
  • You can use the HCM as a moisturizer, if you wish. You can also mix HCM with MP to create the perfect balance for your skin. HCM can give your skin a boost if it’s exposed to very cold or very dry weather.
  • You can use MP as an eye make-up remover. Apply the cream to closed eyes, being sure to slather it onto the eyelashes as well. Take a dampened cotton ball and wipe off your eye make-up. It even removes water-proof mascara this way leaving the correct pH for the skin.
  • When applying this product, always perform the Circle-up Rub and Dancing Cs exercises that come with the purchase of every product to reduce fine lines and tone the face even further.

Moisturizing sulfate-free Shampoo

  • Gentle, foaming, sulfate-free and paraben-free.
  • Glycerin, vitamins B & E, wheat protein, jojoba oil and Rosehip Oil enhance conditioning properties of this shampoo.
  • Gentle enough to use every day.
  • Use small amounts as a little bit goes a long way
  • Great for color-treated, gray, dry or brittle hair as it helps to lock in color and strip away unwanted chemical build-up from other shampoos.
  • Good for all hair types from thick and curly to fine and straight, as well as dry, fragile or mature!

Rejuvenating Skin Repair Serum 2

  • Apply RSR just after you have employed the Wrinkle Release technique and any inflammation is gone within a short period of time.
  • Rub a little into your lips for relief from chapping.
  • Apply to sunburns for a healing, soothing relief from discomfort.
  • Use it as a night serum .
  • Apply it to any irritation of the skin for a quick change for the better
  • As suggested by a few CFF clients, try using RSR just after dermarolling. Its healing properties bring not only relief, but help to revitalize and restore the skin that much faster.
  • Use it every am and pm …. very sparingly as a little bit goes a long way. Use it first before layering the moisturizer on top. Your skin will appear finer and your skin-tone will be noticeably more even over a short period of time.
  • RSR2 has a new formula using the latest technology for utilizing the oils and botanicals in this revamped formulation.

Therapy Hair-care Conditioner

  • You can use this as a daily conditioner but only leave in the hair for 5 minutes per washing and then rinse.
  • Use once a week, leaving it in for the full 20 minutes
  • When leaving in for a longer time, cover the treated hair with a shower cap and/or sit under a drier with warm heat for the full duration
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner: Place one large dollop (quarter size) in the palm of your hand and rub together to spread it all around. Work into your freshly washed, towel-dried hair and leave in. Air or blow-dry your hair as usual.
  • TIP from Zooey: Rinse the conditioner out of your hair with cold water. Yes! Cold water! Your hair will be shinier than ever!

Total Therapy Serum

  • Layer Total Therapy Serum over Crystal Serum C, daily, to lighten age/sun spots, even out skin-tone variations and firm-up the skin even more.
  • Use Total Therapy Serum twice a day and you will see further improvement that much faster.
  • Apply the serum to the tops of your hands and feet from time to time as well as your neck and chest.
  • TTS has our vegan DMAE and this noticeably tightens the skin making everything look smoother and lifted.

TIP: The RSR and TTS are very, very thick. The serums are wonderful! Serums go a step further than crèmes, and a step further still than lotions in overall richness and nutrients. A serum is a great choice for getting added nutrients deep into the skin; its molecule size is much smaller than a lotion or regular moisturizer.

Velvet Smooth Body Lotion

  • Heals and soothes even rough or sun-burned skin.
  • So nutrient rich it can be used as a facial moisturizer.
  • TIP: Mix with your favorite massage oil to give your skin that extra velvety touch and see how beautifully soft your skin feels afterwards.
  • Alleviates cracked lips and skin that has been dried-out by skiing on sunny slopes.
  • Restores the skin to a smooth, velvety touch when used regularly.

Rinsing your face
Use lots of warm water and your hands when rinsing off any of the products for best results in hydrating the skin properly.

  • Put your face under the bathroom faucet and let warm water run over it full blast.
  • Then use your hands as cups to direct the water up and over the face and neck.


  • You can purchase bamboo or cotton washcloths in a bundle of 8 and use them as little towels after rinsing your face in the evening and rinsing off the various masques you use during the day.
  • Use one towel a day so that you’re always using a fresh “towel” on your skin.
  • Because this “towel” is so small, it’s easy to hang-up and let dry during the day and when you’re finished at night, just toss it into the laundry. You always have a fresh towel this way and not a lot of laundry to do at the end of the week.

The CFFormulas™ Daily Schedule for Radiant Skin is designed to give you the best results for the most beautiful skin in the shortest amount of time. Keep this schedule and reap the benefits of gorgeous skin.

  • It’s the combination of using these skin care products that give you the results you want. That is, smoother, younger, tighter and healthier looking skin with an improved complexion.
  • For optimal use, you should carry out this schedule twice a year and then modify the routine to your specific needs the other ten months. I highly recommend you try this routine for at least one month to see how you respond.

Circle-up RubDancing Cs and the 4-step Wrinkle Release Technique

If you employ these facial exercise techniques when using the CFFormulas™ products, you will enhance the benefits of the natural and organic ingredients in the skin care line. Penetration of the product is enhanced.

  • You can decrease your fine lines and tone the muscles and therefore the skin at the same time by performing these simple exercises.
  • The exercises can be performed in front of the mirror when applying product.
  • The exercises are fully illustrated with color photographs showing you the exact position of all the handholds. All techniques are easy to learn and easy to use..
  • These exercises and techniques come with the purchase of any of the CFFormulas™ products.

Chest, feet, hands and nails
Whenever you apply a masque to the face, you can also apply it to the chest area, the tops of your feet (and toes) as well as the tops of your hands.

  • Rub the masque into your finger and toenails, as well. It revitalizes all these areas. My fingernails are stronger than ever since I’ve been massaging the Hydrating Crème Masque into all my nails.
  • You can exfoliate with the Cleansing Scrub the chest, feet and hands, but only once a week as opposed to twice a week that’s suggested for the face. Keeping this schedule seems to be the right amount of attention these areas require for the best results in the least amount of time.
  • You can apply the Moisturizer Plus to the chest, feet, hands and nail areas for maximum results. Moisturizer Plus is also great in reducing chapped lips.
  • Applying HCM to fingernails with ridges on a consistent basis can eliminate those horrible nail ridges over time.

Note: Avoid the eye area with the botanical masque and cleansing scrub. Always do a patch test before using any products. Consult a physician when in doubt. The Balancing Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Crème Masque, Moisturizer Plus, Crystal Serum C and the Total Therapy Serum are gentle enough to be applied around the eyes and on the lips.

NEW: Vitamin C wash for the body to diminish and eliminate hyper-pigmentation:

For the body (not recommended for the face and hands .. too strong) you can make a mixture of 1 part L-Ascorbic Acid to 9 parts water and splash this all over your body .. legs, arms, etc… let it dry. Do this every 3 days for about 2 weeks. It will lighten those brown spots A LOT .. and if you start to look a little “chalky” .. just stop for awhile and that will go away. You skin will also LOVE this treatment. Be sure to moisturize after about 30 minutes. You can make up a cup of this water and use it for many weeks, but then, it will oxidize.

Keep Crystal Serum C away from too much light

  • While Crystal Serum C is protected from sunlight in its heavy, blue, glass bottle, if you keep it in a medicine cabinet or drawer, this will protect it even further so the product stays fresher that much longer.
  • This serum is packed full of alive botanicals and this special darker jar is needed to keep it to full-strength aliveness!
  • Keeping the product lid on as much as possible, also helps to keep the product fresher and therefore viable longer, as well.

When airless bottles are almost empty or stop pumping
We use airless bottles:

  • For the Moisturizer Plus, the Balancing Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Crème Masque, CBD cream, Rejuvenating Skin Repair and Total Therapy Serum.
  • Airless bottles work on the principle of a vacuum and therefore keep the creams from being exposed to the air and becoming oxidized. You will notice that there is no “tube” in the bottle. As you pump the product, there’s a little disc that moves up, keeping air away from the product. the disc will eventually be at the top of the bottle when all the product is used.  Oxidation deteriorates skin care products. Airless bottles prevent this oxidation of the product and keep the freshness of the creams intact. The shelf life of the cream is therefore also extended.

Sometimes when the products in the bottles are almost finished or do not dispense correctly, you can do a trick to get the entire product out of the bottle:

  • First of all, check to see that the lid is screwed on nice and tight. Since the airless bottle works on the principle of a vacuum, the lid must be secure allowing the pump to work properly.
  • Our airless bottles are unique in that they will not only pump product, they will also pump air. Sometimes an air bubble is in the container and you need to pump past it. So, if the product is not dispensing out of the pump when you try and activate it, keep pumping and you’ll notice that the little disc at the bottom of the bottle is moving up. Only air will come out for a bit and then the product should start to dispense once again. All our products are weighed, so even if there is an air bubble, you still receive the correct amount of product.
  • Turn the bottle upside down (with the cap on) and gently rap it on the table top or vanity a few times and it will move the disc inside the bottom of the bottle up towards the top. Sometimes it gets stuck and needs a little loosening.
  • Turn the bottle right side up. You can then get a few more squirts of product out of the container or get the pump working again.
  • If the airless bottle still doesn’t pump, the movable disc inside the container may be really stuck. Turn the bottle upside down and give it a few raps on the table top as you did above. Leaving it upside down, pump out what you need and then set it back down on its head once again. This will allow the contents to be covering the inside spigot and it will therefore allow you at least a few pumps every time you want to use it.
  • When the product is finally no more dispensing, you can unscrew that part of the bottle with the pump in the lid and use a dampened Q-tip to extract the very last bits.

How to get all of the serum out of the container when it’s almost empty
We use heavy, dark blue glass bottles for our Crystal Serum C as it is light sensitive. This means the less light it is exposed to, the longer it will stay potent. Because this serum is rather expensive, you really want to use every single drop. Here’s what you can do when the bottle is almost empty:

  • Dampen the tip of a Q-tip with a little water.
  • Use this Q-tip to scrape out any leftover serum in the bottle.
  • Detach the glass pipette from the lid of the dropper. It snaps out easily.
  • Holding the glass pipette with the tip towards a plate or a spoon, run the dampened Q-tip from the top of the pipette to the tip and eject the serum in the pipette onto the plate. You will have at least one last bit of serum for your face, neck and hands.
  • TIP: The CSC is very thick. Serums are wonderful! Serums go a step further than crèmes, and a step further still than lotions in overall richness and nutrients. A serum is a great choice for getting added nutrients deep into the skin; its molecule size is much smaller than a lotion or regular moisturizer. However, they are very thick. If you squeeze the rubber top of the dropper and very slowly release it, this will allow the serum to flow into the glass pipette, slowly. Give it a try. Otherwise, you can also use the dropper as a dip stick for a quicker way of getting the serum out of the bottle.
  • TIP: Wipe off the outside of the dropper with your clean fingertips when dispensing the serum and this will eliminate any unwanted build-up around the opening of the bottle rim.
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