Cleansing Scrub Revamped

Newly-sized Jojoba Beads

Some of you may have noticed that the new CFFormulas™ Cleansing Scrub is a little different than it was before. We still have all the same incredible ingredients that we’ve always had, but we changed the size of the waxed jojoba beads in the scrub to being much, much smaller than before.

These newly-sized beads makes the scrub that much more effective! You can exfoliate the skin faster and more efficiently than before with these smaller, more evenly spaced waxed beads.

Check out how these organic waxed jojoba beads are okay for the environment! 

Healing Experience for Dewy-looking Skin

As aloe is the first ingredient in our scrub, you’re sure to have a healing, soothing cleansing experience that has a calming effect on the skin.  It also contains rooibos tea, an antioxidant that attacks harmful free radicals and limits their damaging effect. Combining all this with gentle, smaller-sized jojoba beads, this rich crème exfoliates without stripping or harming the skin.

It’s also rich in coconut, jojoba, olive and avocado oils. It’s the perfect cleansing scrub that not only conditions the skin – it revitalizes your whole complexion at the same time. When you follow your scrub with the CFFormulas™ Hydrating Crème Masque, you will see a youthful, smooth glow to your skin texture and it will be apparent after only one application.

Protect the Acid Mantel

Remember to only exfoliate no more than two or three times a week and no less than once a week to be sure you’re not stripping away the delicately balanced acid mantel.  You have to find your personal balance to achieve the perfect skin.  This slightly acidic layer, the “acid mantle“, is our body’s first defense mechanism against invading bacteria.  It provides good protection against potentially harmful, external environmental factors. And, rest assured, all of the CFFormulas™ products are in the perfect pH range for the skin (between 4.5 and 6) to help keep your skin in this perfect balance.

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