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Carolyn's Facial Fitness

Value Pack

Value Pack

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The Value Pack includes -

The Facial Exercise Videos on DVD. The DVD is for the Learning Phase. It demonstrates step for step how to do each of the 28 exercises in the whole program! You can access and repeat individual exercises for easy learning. The DVD is formatted to play on all DVD players world-wide.

 The Pacing Audio Track CD that talks you through the workout in 15 minutes. The Pacing CD talks you through the program and counts through each exercise with you. It's only 15 minutes long and keeps you motivated and guides you!

Instructions - Easy to understand instructions for using the DVD and Pacing CD that come with the Value Pack.

Optional - And 14 Updated Bonus Tips as a video download to help you make the most of this kit are available as optional add-ons. 

For each file, you will have 5 download attempts within 1 week of purchase. If you encounter any problems or need an extension, please contact our web support team.

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