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Carolyn's Facial Fitness

Facial Exercises + Skin Care Bundle

Facial Exercises + Skin Care Bundle

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Get an extra 15% off when you purchase both facial exercises and skin care! Combining both the facial exercises along with the Schedule for Radiant Skin helps you achieve results faster. 

You can choose which Facial Exercise Kit you want to purchase with the Complete Therapy Pack! The CTP is already discounted 15%, so this is an additional 15% off of the skincare! This bundle also has free domestic shipping! 

The CTP is $149.95 (already discounted 15%)

Here's the breakdown of savings with 15% discount applied:

  •  Full Kit digital - $149.95 + $63.95 =   
  • NOW: $181.82
  • Value Pack digital - $149.95 + $39.95 =  
  • NOW: $161.42
  • Full Kit hard copy with DVD and CDs - $149.95 + $69.95 =  
  • NOW: $186.92
  • Value Pack hard copy with DVD and CDs - $149.95 + $41.95 =
  • NOW: $163.12

Facial exercises gives your face and neck shape by building muscle fiber and creating lift. And, because the skin and muscles in the face are intertwined, you lift the skin up with the newly built muscles. 

Combining the skincare with the facial exercises is ideal. The CFF organic skincare line evens out the skin tones and gives you a flawless complexion. 

Check out the latest facial exercise routine to be used when applying your skincare products. I do not have on any foundational makeup in this video clip!

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