Hi Carolyn, I have to say that I have tried other facial exercises and have had some success with them but no where as good as the results I have experienced with yours.  My elder sisters are begging me to let them in on my secrets and so are many of my friends.  I can't believe how smooth my skin feels, I have always had high cheek bones and have to say that your exercises have allowed them to retain their definition.

I am truly looking forward to the continuing success of this programme and must admit I thoroughly enjoy doing the exercises, they are so invigorating for the face and neck and certainly no hardship to undertake.  I also do the hand exercises every morning and evening when I apply my hand cream and my hands look great.

I can't thank you enough, I really can't. Oh and I too look forward to you designing my customised programme. Have a wonderful birthday you lovely lady! (Thank you. I just became 70!) love Wendy

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