Jennifer P

Hi Carolyn! … I am 6 weeks into exercising regularly. I started sitting up, 2-3x a week and for last 3-4 weeks I am now doing the routine 3-4x a week, while lying down. I suppose for my age group I will keep this up until that 3 month mark and then drop down to 2-3x/wk. I use a fairly firm touch. (Remember to always perform the Face Firmer exercise with every workout, too. While it’s the combination of exercises from the foundational exercises that gives you the elegant look, the Face Firmer makes sure everything stays balanced and even.)

Sometime in the last few weeks I have noticed a lessening of NL lines (yay!) and some building of upper cheeks. I have also noticed better skin tone around crow’s feet area. Both are exciting! …Thank you again for your time! This is exciting! Jennifer

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