Hello Ms. Carolyn. I just wanted to let you know that I just received my kit.  I’ll be getting started tonight when I get home from work.  Thank you again for your great service.  Donna


Hi Miss Carolyn, Thank you for your help.  I was doing the de-tacking correctly.  : )  I don’t know how long the de-tacking & rubbing out is supposed to take but I already see a slight improvement on the lines from my nose to my mouth.  The upper portion which wasn’t as deep looks even less noticeable & the bottom part which was the deepest has lessened considerably.  I’ve been doing the de-tacking & rubbing out twice a day.  I don’t know how any of your other customers felt but doing your exercises are fun & relaxing so I look forward to doing them.  I’m sure the results that will come will more than keep me motivated.  I’ll send you new photos in May. Have a wonderful day. Donna

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