Hi Carolyn, A note to say what a beautiful website you have!  I am up way too late into the night in the southern hemisphere enjoying reading it all! I first found your site about Oct last year by chance and became aware of the whole phenomenon of facial exercise.  I am sure you have done a huge revamp of your website layout since I first read it back then and I must say it is really fantastic and makes for greater ease of reading and learning.
I have researched through the plethora of facial exercise programs when I have had time, trying to decide which are the most credible and which are likely to give the most natural results.  I am now 46 y.o. and have long been a subscriber to the benefits of resistance training, pilates etc for fitness, body tone and general wellbeing.  So it makes complete sense to me that such principles should extend to the face and neck areas too!  Being a research scientist though it is my nature to really find out about things and I am very interested in everything you have written in your site.  It is terrific that you are passionate about teaching your clients to understand facial exercise, not just selling the “how to do” products.
Although I think I am ageing reasonably well, I have noticed gravity kicking in slightly in the past year, so I am very excited about trying out your program and have just placed an order for the full kit.  ... the full kit looks terrific and I know I will value having the flashcards and the workbook plus the final CD in time.
I remember doing chin firming exercises way back 10 or so years ago as part of aerobics classes and I remember how effective it was – so I KNOW your comprehensive program is going to be great. Can’t wait!!  
Well done on your wonderful work Carolyn – you clearly have a devoted following of happy facial exercisers. Kind Regards. Carmel
Just thought I would touch base to let you know I am going well with my CFF program.  Really enjoying it!
The first couple of times I went through with the DVD and flash cards and I was feeling that it would take a long time to master it all –felt a bit overwhelming at first (as with anything new).  So I was quite impressed (with myself) that within only about three runs through I was really getting the hang of it and moved onto the pacing CD.  At first I had to pause the ipod a few times because I couldn’t quite keep up at the start of some exercises (gosh that jowl lifter #27 had me feeling quite uncoordinated for a while!). That passed quickly though and after about two weeks I went back to the DVD to really perfect my technique and make sure I was doing the exercises properly – being able to see you do the exercises is an excellent help and l am so glad I got the flashcards as well – They are a good reference and I like the information on them. I now have been going for about 6 weeks and it is part of my routine, generally just before I go to sleep at night.  I do miss it on the rest days – I agree it’s quite addictive!  Your success is definitely in making it an achievable 15 minute routine – even when you feel tired or are busy you know it is so quick and therefore want to fit it in.  All up you have put out a really terrific kit – and I can feel it working already.  My skin is good, jaw line and neck seem a little more shaped and I am amazed how quickly I have been able to isolate my facial muscles at will – often when driving around etc I just do this for fun....
As an added benefit to lying down to do the CFF program I have found myself getting back to some little relaxation exercises and  meditations as well which is a nice bonus!  Maybe in the future you should include your relaxation cards as an extra track on the CD with some gentle music – you have a lovely voice and would make for a nice wind down – just one for the suggestion box!  I haven’t moved on to the final CD because I am still very happy to have your voice counting away to me! Thanks for an excellent kit and program. Carmel
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