Why do Fine Lines Appear When First Starting Facial Exercises?

Why do you sometimes see fine lines appear when first starting facial exercises?

Sometimes when first starting to perform facial exercises, one will see some “new” lines forming on the face that you didn’t see before starting facial exercises. These are not “new” lines. They are lines that were forming down in the lower layers of the skin and the facial exercises are literally pushing them up and out. This is actually a good thing to happen.

Why is it a good thing that lines may form when first starting facial exercises?

To answer this question adequately, one must first understand how a wrinkle is formed. My research reveals that a deep wrinkle is caused by skin adhering to underlying tissue. Whenever the muscle contracts, the skin is pulled down, creating a valley. It takes years of “unconscious”, repetitive movement over and over again to create this valley we call a wrinkle{1}.

Because the muscles in the face are often attached one end into the bone and the other one into the skin, this means the muscles of the face and skin are intertwined. Whenever the muscle contracts, the skin is pulled down. This means that wrinkles first form lower down in the subcutaneous layer of the skin before they surface where we can see them on the face. Facial exercises pushes those pesky fine lines up and out where you can apply the Rubbing Out the Wrinkles technique to erase them from the face.

When the wrinkles are so fine, they have not yet had a chance to adhere to the underlying tissue with much strength. If the lines had been left to surface “naturally”, they would be more like scars. Much deeper and well-rooted. And, also therefore much more of a challenge in trying to erase them away.

The solution

Of course there are many medical procedures from Botox which paralyzes the muscles to fillers and surgery. While all of these procedures are shown to be effective at easing a wrinkled face, once they are stopped, the face will show what was hiding behind the medical procedure. That is, everything from atrophied muscles to nerve damage and problems with fillers.

A more sensible and permanent approach for deep wrinkles and fine lines is to strengthen the muscles and also free-up the skin where it is stuck down. CFF offer a 4-step Wrinkle Release Method that has one step for “de-tacking” the stuck down skin and other steps for literally rubbing out the wrinkles away.


Whenever a line appears, especially in the beginning of facial exercises, this is a good thing. It means you are uncovering a potentially bigger wrinkle in the making. And, since wrinkles are formed by skin adhering to the underlying tissue, the “newer” finer lines appearing are not yet well-rooted as are older lines and wrinkles so they are easier to erase away with the CFF Rubbing Out the Wrinkles 4-step Method.

And, just to note, facial exercises cannot create these wrinkles. Of course, as we age and the integrity of our skin is less than optimal and UV damage as well as smoking and such can make the wrinkles worse, it literally takes years of these “unconscious” repetitive movements to create a wrinkle.

{1} Dr. Stan Gore, M.D, a plastic surgeon from Canada was one of my consultants twenty years ago and he’s the one that told me about how a wrinkle is formed. He was working on a method to use a needle to dislodge the stuck down wrinkles, but had difficulty with the needles leaving a slightly stretched entry point behind. He unfortunately retired before he could perfect his medical procedure, but found that the CFF de-tacking and rubbing out works well. Yay!

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