Bone Loss and Skin Remodeling

While other facial exercises programs also work well with smoothing the skin and toning the face, the build one gets does not impart this elegant, graceful and fit look to the face that one can achieve when using Carolyn’s Facial Fitness’ system. One of the things that the CFF™ system is known for is helping you to look more as you did when you were younger. I also had to ask why, with every passing year, I seem to be looking a little bit younger and firmer in my face and neck? I started to investigate why this is the case.

Facial Bone Loss and Aging

When thinking about facial aging, wrinkles and sagging skin, new research suggests that it is not only the skin and connective tissue that is the cause, but overtime facial bones lose volume and recede, as well. In fact, in women this starts around the age of 41 (how unfair!!) and in men at the age of 65. This bone loss explains why a face lift or skin tightening will not help in making you look as you did when you were twenty. However, with facial exercises, while you may not look exactly as you did when you were that young, with the CFF program you do look much more as you did when you were younger than with any other procedure, including using fillers.

Dr. Robert Shaw Jr, M.D and colleagues did CT scans of the facial bones in 120 men and women aged 20 to 40, 41 to 64 and over 65. They then created 3-dimensional reconstruction of the scans. They found with age, the scans showed for example, the bones that make up the eye sockets recede, enlarging the sockets. A few less millimeters does not seem much, but this is enough to add the appearance of excess or droopy skin around the eyes. Similar loss of bone and therefore volume happen in the bones of the middle face, including the brow bone, nose and upper jaw, including the orbital opening around the mouth.

Facial Exercises Restore and Prevent Bone Loss – Adding Volume to the Face

When you exercise the face, you are not only building muscle fiber and rejuvenating connective tissue, you are also revitalizing the bone. For example, with CFFitness™ you are contracting the muscles first and then sliding across the skin. This technique was developed by Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D.*, who used to teach in a medical college in Pennsylvania, back in the mid-seventies. He wrote a book, “Face Culture” and talks about this technique in his book. He claims that because the muscles go through the skin, allowing us to show facial expression, if you make the muscle in contraction and slide across the skin, you not only build muscle fiber, but you also lift the skin with the newly toned (more dense) muscle.

Since we now know that exercise is one of the best things you can do to build and restore loss muscle fiber in the face, it appears with the CFF system putting pressure on these areas of the face through contraction of the muscles and sliding with your fingertips and hands consequently rejuvenates not only connective tissue to be more resilient and healthy and therefore allowing collagen and elastin fibers to grow, but this technique also prevents bone loss as well as building bone mass – all this through facial exercise. This would make sense. As you slide across the skin, you exert pressure along the skeletal bones of the face especially around the jaw line, the orbital eye sockets and the mouth as well as the brows and cheeks. This pressure challenges the bones of the face so that they are not only rejuvenated but healthier as well. Remember, the muscles in the face are mostly attached one end into the bone and the other end attached to another muscle and all this through the skin.


When using the CFFitness facial exercise program, you will not have to suffer the sunken or deteriorating look that comes with older age. You will not have to resort to fillers to add the lost volume in your face and thereby have to bear the costly up-keep of such procedures, let alone be at the mercy of the artistic talent or lack-of such talent in the practioner offering such services.

When you decide to use facial exercises to rejuvenate and restore youth and volume in the face you are not only in control, but your own face will dictate which youthful contours you will revitalize. Remember, with CFF it’s the combination of exercises that gives you back this elegant and graceful shape. As well, your skin will also reflect the glowing shine of health that only comes with the rejuvenation of the skin and connective tissue attained with facial exercise. With CFF you will look more natural and relaxed as you age while looking years younger than your “real” age, as well.

With CFF you can remodel, rebuild and rejuvenate the entire face from the skin to the connective tissue to the muscles and to the very bones. Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ gives you back that look you thought you’d never see again!

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* Frederick M. Rossiter, M.D.: A professor of anatomy and physiology and author of the book Face Culture, Pageant Press, (Copyright 1956) (Out of Print)

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