Before Progress
Shanti Before Facial Exercise
Shanti After Facial Exercise 1


1 Year, 7 Months

Shanti has strong wrinkles around the neck, eyes and mouth. Dark circles are under her eyes and she has an overall tired look. Her adorable dimples are now long lines in the side of her face.  Her chin is bumpy with age. She has parchment like skin all over her face and neck.

Her neck is smoothing out nicely and her pretty blue eyes are wide open. Her eyebrows are lifted and the line between the brows is almost gone.  Her skin texture improved. All that dried out looking skin is now smooth and moist looking.

Progress Progress
Shanti After Facial Exercise 2
Shanti After Facial Exercise 3

3 Years, 2 Months

4 Years

Shanti continues to show good improvement as she ages! Her neck is smoother, her cheeks are rounded  and smooth, her dark circles are gone and she looks better then ever! How many of you feel you could take this kind of close-up picture without any make-up at age 57?!

Neck is smooth with young, open eyes. Jowl is tightening up, forehead is smooth with an overall youthful energized look. Her dimples are back! She is 4 years older than when she started with the CFF™ program and looks younger than ever! Check out the World of Meditation! A fabulous place for people to meet!