How does the wrinkle release method work & how often should I engage this technique to get results?

De-tack that Wrinkle and Rub it Out

A deep wrinkle is caused by skin being stuck down to underlying tissue. Whenever that muscle contracts, the wrinkle is pulled down, creating a valley. This valley we call a wrinkle. Through Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™ exercises, you actually employ one technique that releases this tacked down “wrinkle” and then you employ another technique that allows you to literally gently rub out fine lines and make deeper lines less visible. Dr. Rossiter, M.D., a physician from the 1960’s who used to teach other physicians, states that you can rub out a line in a leather shoe by placing a sock in that shoe and rubbing across that indentation, back and forth until it’s gone. He then goes onto say you can also rub out the lines in your face with the same concept. The key is to be sure you always contract the muscle underneath, first before you rub.

It’s an Individual Matter

How often you engage these techniques depends upon several factors. In the beginning your skin may not be able to handle the rubbing very much. Sometimes people find that a little moisturizer is a good thing to use until your skin can handle all the friction. So you should go slowly at first making sure you don’t create an abrasion. We’ve also found applying the Rejuvenating Skin Repair Serum after a session will greatly reduce any irritation the rubbing may have caused. It’s a very healing, soothing serum for the skin.

Also, sensitive skin may not be able to handle as much rubbing as so-called “normal” skin can. Always start off with these techniques slowly and carefully, checking on your results as your work. As well, if you have deeper wrinkles and are a bit older, you may find that you can rub on the wrinkles a lot more than someone younger or someone with finer lines. I’ve seen clients erase lines between their brows within 4 months and others still have lines albeit much thinner and lighter, after 18 months of rubbing . It’s such an individual situation for everyone.

Just remember that persistence will pay off. Please be sure to follow the regime as outlined in the CFF™ program and remember that once you do have success, you will have to figure out a maintenance program to keep those lines at bay.

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