Sarito 71

Hi!  The first day I used the products, I was driving with a friend whom I see weekly.  She looked at me and said, "Your skin looks wonderful today." I told her about the face products and she said she would order some too.  After about a week of using them, the spots of discoloration on my face went away. One of the unexpected benefits of using these products is that I sit down and look at myself up close in the mirror that is part of your kit.  (I used to just stand and see myself at a distance in the bathroom mirror).  Well, surprise.  I had no idea that my face was sagging so much and that wrinkles were developing.  With my bad eyesight and the lighting in the bathroom, I thought I had none of that. Now, because I know it's there, I've been doing a lot more facial exercise and I notice a big improvement. Thank you very much for the contributions you have made in developing these exercises and your facial products.  I have benefitted greatly from your work.   I have also benefitted from your attitude. A friend called me after the refresher course with you to ask me about the exercises I do.  She mentioned that your face looks better than ever.  Before speaking with her, I had assumed that the exercises would only go so far and that wrinkling and sagging were inevitable.  Now, thanks to your attitude of always looking for a solution and believing it is possible, I have changed this view. Love, Sarito
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