Hi Carolyn , just had to send you an email to say how happy i am with your programme so far. I have done the whole routine six times now. I love it and for me is so easy to follow and learn (i actually look forward to doing it ... big miracle lol ) I realise im brand new to this but already my skin feels incredible and so soft! I have been using the moisture plus cream since i got it so i'm wondering if it's that rather than the face exercises as wouldn't expect to see results from those as yet? ? The cream is AMAZING ! I have literally spent a fortune on different creams over the last couple of years but this one actually seems to stay locked in somehow so i'm not constantly reapplying it . Also i always get dry flaky skin in winter and it's literally all gone ... i keep looking at where i usually get it just to double check !! I need to order some asap as i'm nearly out of the free sample. Anyway sorry for long email but couldn't wait to share this with you! .. Lots Love Rebecca
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