Leticia Ma

My freckles and sunspots on my face have faded slightly from using the vitamin c serum, not sure how long it takes? (usually you see some benefit within 2 weeks and then more and more as time goes by!)
I have discovered something new to add which I am really excited to tell you! With my face masks I use different liquids each time and experiment... sometimes carrot, celery, various vinegars. orange juice, lemon juice, milk, yogurt. But something I tried the other day, made my skin look AMAZING even for a couple of days afterwards. It was Apple cider vinegar, it made my skin look so soft and clearer than before! which is amazing because it is looking soft and clear from all the hard work I've been doing for over the past few months already ... (Check out our products tips for more information on how to use the masques)
It sounds like I spend a lot of time on this, but I don't apart from the exercises, I just do things after the shower or after I go to the bathroom. It's almost like a hobby (cheap hobby) I don't need to spend thousands of dollars per year...  I enjoy it a lot!
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