Dear Carolyn, I tried the Bot Masque last night and it is the best masque I have ever utilized! ... (It) is really the best masque I have ever tried and I have tried many!! You are a genius! In fact I confess to being so delighted by the Bot Masque that I am going to order more now! Delightedly yours! Kate
Dear Carolyn, Crystal C is amazing! I used it last night and this morning my skin looks fresh and feels smooth. In fact the whole line is absolutely fabulous; I think you have just found another loyal client!
You really have developed an amazing group of high quality products and I am most thankful to you, it is hard to find good quality creams, serums etc.. that aren't full of useless fillers like silicones etc that my skin reacts to.
I do also love that the aloe vera is hand filetted as I have always had bad reactions to shop-bought aloe vera. The only aloe that has ever worked for me is that direct from the plant I keep in my living room - until I encountered your hand-made aloe products.  Big hugs and love, Kate
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