Gail T

Dear Carolyn, I hope all is well. I received the mist package today, thank you very much. I love the mist. So far your skincare is treating my skin very well. I'm almost 2 weeks into the radiant skin regime and my skin is getting more moisture. Thank you Gail


Thank you for all this wonderful advise and encouragement I love the CFFormulas I've been searching for a year for these kind of products they even smell healing, yes I like the way you don't have any chemicals to preserve the products they're perfect for me. ...


Dear Carolyn, I've been using your RSR sample and it's given me such a better colour especially under the eye area and cheek bone, the cracks are slightly improved especially the deeper ones! The RSR is totally amazing for a lip balm :) No need to buy anymore lip balms!!! Thank you Gail T

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