susan 22

Hi Carolyn! Thank you for the feedback - I can't believe the difference in a year.  :)  It's worth the 15 minutes a day, believe me!!  I've doubled up on the forehead smoother, the worry line smoother and the sad face exercises, since those seem to be the problematic areas. I think I haven't been exerting enough resistance either - now that my muscles have been worked for a year, I'm starting to apply a bit more resistance to most areas.  It will be interesting to see if that helps!
The brow worry lines are almost completely gone - they may come back if I've been out in the sun and lowering brows without realizing it but I just do the exercises a couple of times a day for a day or two and they go away.  I also do the wrinkle smoother exercises on the forehead lines in the mornings and evenings - I want those pesky things gone! :)  I'm hoping the mouth sag/wrinkles will also disappear but even keeping them at bay will eventually pay off as I get older.
I'm very thankful for discovering your program - I'd always looked substantially younger than 'real life' and last winter I was discouraged to see how quickly the aging process was kicking in.  Incidentally, I'd read some reviews during my search for good skin products and learned that this can be very common with women - all of a sudden, we look 'old'.  So it has been very good for my self confidence to retain some of my youthful appearance.  No one ever guesses my real age!
Thanks again for everything - have a wonderful weekend and a happy EASTER!!
Hugs,  Susan
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