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I am now in a position to say that every single thing in the website is the absolute truth. To be perfectly honest, I bought CFF as the next in a long line of facial exercise programmes and I almost made the mistake of judging CFF by its price so inexpensive compared to many of the programmes out there  yet so effective. I am certified to teach another facial exercise programme but I had stopped teaching them because I wasn't sure they worked. I even stopped doing them for several months to see if I would look different.

I performed the CFF exercises half-heartedly at first, barely going through the motions whilst watching the DVD. The Face Firmer was the first thing I did properly because I found a lot of tenderness and pain in my face, tension I didn't even know was there, and the massage made it go away.

One morning, in the shower washing my face, I realised my jaw and cheeks felt a lot firmer.

My daughter made some positive comments and my dentist noticed my cheeks felt firmer too.

Even though I had been doing facial exercises with another programme for several years, I found myself struggling with some of the CFF exercises because there were gaps in the programme I had been using and the muscles hadn't developed. However, I saw the results of muscle memory when my face responded to CFF exercises and the muscles I had previously developed started making themselves seen quite quickly.

When I felt the difference in my jowls and cheeks, I sat up and took notice. Well... actually I started lying down to do the CFF exercises! Then I began seeing some positive results around my eyes.

Yesterday I noticed more definition around my lips!

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