Hi, Carolyn,
Thank you for reassuring me once again.  I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I haven't had much chance to get on the computer today, as we'll have visitors tomorrow and I've been getting ready for them - cooking, etc.  Believe it or not, I don't spend all day examining my face (smile).
I do appreciate your patient replies, even when it's not the first time I've asked the question!  Your explanations always boost my confidence that my goal will eventually be reached.  I don't expect (or even want) flawless young skin - just less sagging and shallower lines.  Your experience of having started out late is such a help to other late-starters like me.  It shows what can be achieved if we are prepared to work at it - and I am!
Now for the positives that I can see so far - higher brows, smoother forehead (shallower lines virtually gone - still tacking the 11s, though), firm upper eye lids, lines under chin smoothing out, neck and upper chest very smooth and line-free, nice plump firm feel to the whole face (which is why I mistakenly thought the lines around the mouth would soon be on their way out).
Another thing I've noticed is my improved facial posture.  For years I'd walked around with my mouth slightly open as it seemed an effort to close it fully (slack mouth-muscles, I suppose). Now my natural default facial posture is to have my lips together - which I can only think is because the muscles around the mouth have tightened up.
What I appreciate about CFF (apart from the superb customer service) is that I don't have to worry about whether I should be modifying the exercises in some way, or cutting out exercises that are having a bad effect (like some other programmes …).  Your advice is always the same - just do the programme as directed.  I like that.  I know you've tested every aspect of it over and over again and you have full confidence in its effectiveness.  That's what keeps me at it.  I'm sure that one day I will be giving my testimonial on the website.  I could certainly do one for you now, for your customer service.
Must go now to do a bit of rubbing-out before I go to bed! 
All good wishes and very many thanks,Sheila
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