Dear Carolyn, I have been using your programme for a year or so now and just wanted to let you know that the results have been nothing short of miraculous.  I am 32 years old and have very good skin - my main problem was dark circles and bags under my eyes, which have always bothered me, even as a child.  
I was reluctantly thinking about getting something surgically done but really this goes against the grain, so I thought I'd try everything else first.  Having done your programme for the past months, I still have a way to go in order to achieve the desired results but I no longer have a tired look and feel more confident than I have ever done.
I was prompted to send this email as I went to a party last night and for the first time looked in the mirror and thought I looked beautiful.  I put this increase in my confident down to your fantastic programme and the results I have experienced which have made a huge difference to how I feel.
I would offer you photos but did not take any prior to starting the programme on the basis that I couldn't really face looking at the before pictures.  I will take some now and keep going with the programme so hopefully you can see a change in a few months for your portfolio.
One thing I think is important for me to mention is that, this programme has made a real difference, despite the fact that the problem I faced is slightly hereditary.  I was unsure whether or not this would mean that an exercise regime such as yours could be beneficial but my experience proves that, hereditary or not, the results are wonderful. Many thanks,  Rachel
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